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Brother P-Touch PDT600 – Best Overall Label Maker

Wednesday, January 17th, 2018

We have been big fans of Brother printers for many years. Brother has consistently produced quality and reliable printers for reasonable prices. 


Best Photo Printers for the Holidays

Thursday, December 17th, 2015

Looking for a photo printer this holiday? With so many printers on the market it can be difficult to find the one that will have the options you want. (more…)

Canon PIXMA MG2120 Inkjet Photo All-In-One $34

Thursday, May 16th, 2013

canonPIXMA_MG2120The Canon PIXMA MG2120 inkjet photo printer is an all in one printer, copier, & scanner. The MC2120 can print borderless photos up to 8.5″ x 11″.

Printer comes with special effects to increase the quality of your photos. These effects include fish eye, miniature, toy camera, soft focus, and blur background. (more…)

Canon PIXMA MG2120 Inkjet Photo All-In-One Printer/Copier/Scanner $29

Monday, January 14th, 2013

The Canon PIXMA MG2120 Photo All-in-One printer is currently marked down to $29.

Printer Details:

All in one photo printer that copies and scans

Print speed of 8.4 pages per minute black and 4.8 pages per minute color

The replacement ink for this printer is the Canon CL-24XL and PG-240XL black ink cartridges and the Canon CL-241XL color ink cartridge (more…)

HP305A Toner & Drum Set available for HP LaserJet Pro 400

Friday, August 24th, 2012

HP has recently released a new line of HP laser printers. The LaserJet Pro 400 series is a line of color laser multifunction printers. The series is getting high reviews for speed as well as print quality.

You can now order the set – HP305A or the individual cartridges:
HP CE410A – Black
HP CE411A – Cyan
HP CE412A – Yellow
HP CE413A – Magenta

These toners will fit into the following HP LaserJet printers:

• LaserJet Pro 300 color MFP M375nw
• LaserJet Pro 400 color MFP M475dw
• LaserJet Pro 400 color MFP M475dn
• LaserJet Pro 400 color M451nw
• LaserJet Pro 400 color M451dw
• LaserJet Pro 400 color M451dn

The HP305A black toner cartridge has a page yield of 2,200 pages. The color toner cartridges have a page capacity of up to 2,600 pages.

Tools to Streamline Your Business: From a Multi-Functioning Printer to an Online Fax Service

Wednesday, October 26th, 2011

If you are a small business owner, you probably have had to deal with scarcity when it comes to monetary resources at some point. Aside from this, you may have also encountered difficulties in finding sufficient office space to work. These are some of the reasons why it is sometimes hard to keep everything in order. You may have issues with your phone, printer, online fax, etc. Below are some products and services that can help you save enough money and space, simply through consolidation.


How to Buy a Photo Printer

Monday, October 17th, 2011

Printer photos at home can be fun and easy if you have the right photo printer for your needs. With so many photo printers to choose from, we examine a few details to help you make the right choice for your printing needs.

There are two main types of photo printers: a dedicated and near-dedicated photo printers. The dedicated photo printers can only print photos. Most of these are limited to specific paper sizes for photos. In addition they tend to be smaller and more portable printers. (more…)

Why are Printer Cartridges so Expensive?

Tuesday, October 11th, 2011

Printer ink is one of the most expensive liquids in the world.

Quick math: A 13mL Canon Pixma cartridge can run you about $15. That translates in a cost of about $4000 for a gallon on ink.

Yes, $4000 a gallon! (more…)

Epson Printers – Available Models on Sale

Sunday, September 11th, 2011

The following models of Epson printers are available and have had a recent price reduction. (more…)

Brother Printers – Available Models on Sale

Thursday, September 8th, 2011

The following models of Brother printers are available and have had a recent price reduction. (more…)

Panasonic Toner Cartridge Price List

Thursday, September 1st, 2011

PANASONIC toner cartridge
cartridge model universal printer model page FOB price(USD/PCS) remarks
KX-FA78A PANASONICKX-FL501/502/503/523, KX-FLM551/552/553/ 558, KX-FLB751/ 752/753/755/756/758. 6000 22.76
KX-FA76A 1500 2.51
KX-FA84E PANASONIC KX-FL511/512/513/543CN/ 613 /653, FLM668CN/678CN. 10000 30.61
KX-FA83E 2000 3.14
KX-FA86 Panasonic KX-FLB803/813/853/888CN. 10000 43.96
KX-FA85E/87E 5000 7.06
KX-FAD89 Panasonic KX-FL401/402/403/411/412 /413 . 10000 40.82
KX-FAT88E 1500 3.92
KX-FAD91E Panasonic KX-FL313/ 318 10000 40.82
KX-FAT90E 1500 3.92
KX-FAD93CN Panasonic KX-MB271/781, 10000 40.82
KX-FAT92CN 1500 3.92
KX-FAD95CN Panasonic KX-MB228/238/258/778CN. 10000 40.82
KX-FAT94CN 1500 3.92
KX-FAC297CN panasonic KX-FL323/328/412/422/423 10000 42.39
KX-FAC296CN 1500 3.92

HP Printers – Available Models on Sale

Tuesday, August 30th, 2011

The following models of HP printers are available and have had a recent price reduction.

2000 CN Professional Series
2000 Cse Professional Series
2000 Cxi Professional Series
2225 A ThinkJet
2225 B ThinkJet
2225 C ThinkJet
2225 D ThinkJet
2225 ThinkJet
2227 A QuietJet Plus
2227 B QuietJet Plus
2228 A QuietJet
2276 A
2277 A
2279A DeskWriter
2500 C + Professional Series
2500 C Professional Series
2500 CM Professional Series
A10 Printing Mailbox
Business Inkjet 1000
Business Inkjet 1100 d
Business Inkjet 1100 dtn
Business Inkjet 1200 d
Business Inkjet 1200 dn
Business Inkjet 1200 dtn
Business Inkjet 1200 Dtwn
Business Inkjet 2200 se
Business Inkjet 2200 xi
Business Inkjet 2230
Business Inkjet 2250
Business Inkjet 2250 TN
Business Inkjet 2280
Business Inkjet 2280 tn
Business Inkjet 2300
Business Inkjet 2300 dtn
Business Inkjet 2300 n
Business Inkjet 2600
Business Inkjet 2600 dn
Business Inkjet 2800
Business Inkjet 2800 dt
Business Inkjet 2800 dtn
Business Inkjet 3000
Business Inkjet 3000 dtn
Business Inkjet 3000 n
C1676A DeskJet 1200C
C1686A DeskJet 1200C/PS
C2001A LaserJet 4
C2003A LaserJet 4L
C2021A LaserJet 4 M
C2037A LaserJet 4 Plus
C2106A DeskJet 500
C2114A DeskJet 500 C
C2121A DeskJet 550 C
C2135A FAX-200
C2136A FAX-310
C2164A DeskJet 660C
C2165A DeskWriter 660C
C2168A DeskJet 560 C
C2170A DeskJet 520
C2614A DeskJet Portable
C2621A DeskJet 310
C2637A DeskJet 320
C3540A DeskJet 1600C
C3541A DeskJet 1600CM
Color Copier 110
Color Copier 120
Color Copier 140
Color Copier 145
Color Copier 150
Color Copier 155
Color Copier 160
Color Copier 170
Color Copier 180
Color Copier 190
Color Copier 210
Color Copier 210 LX
Color Copier 260
Color Copier 270
Color Copier 280
Color Copier 290
Color LaserJet 1500L
Color LaserJet 1600
Color LaserJet 2500
Color LaserJet 2500 L
Color LaserJet 2500 n
Color LaserJet 2500 tn
Color LaserJet 2550 L
Color LaserJet 2550 Ln
Color LaserJet 2550 n
Color LaserJet 2600 n
Color LaserJet 2605 dn
Color LaserJet 2605 dtn
Color LaserJet 2700
Color LaserJet 2700 n
Color LaserJet 2800 Series
Color LaserJet 2820
Color LaserJet 2840
Color LaserJet 3000
Color LaserJet 3000 dn
Color LaserJet 3000 dtn
Color LaserJet 3000 n
Color LaserJet 3500
Color LaserJet 3500 n
Color LaserJet 3550
Color LaserJet 3550 n
Color LaserJet 3600
Color LaserJet 3600 dn
Color LaserJet 3600 n
Color LaserJet 3700
Color LaserJet 3700 dn
Color LaserJet 3700 dtn
Color LaserJet 3700 n
Color LaserJet 3800
Color LaserJet 3800 dn
Color LaserJet 3800 dtn
Color LaserJet 3800 n
Color LaserJet 4500
Color LaserJet 4500 DN
Color LaserJet 4500 N
Color LaserJet 4550
Color LaserJet 4550 DN
Color LaserJet 4550 HDN
Color LaserJet 4550 N
Color LaserJet 4600
Color LaserJet 4600 dn
Color LaserJet 4600 dtn
Color LaserJet 4600 hdn
Color LaserJet 4600 n
Color LaserJet 4610 n
Color LaserJet 4650
Color LaserJet 4650 dn
Color LaserJet 4650 dtn
Color LaserJet 4650 hdn
Color LaserJet 4650 n
Color LaserJet 4700
Color LaserJet 4700 dn
Color LaserJet 4700 dtn
Color LaserJet 4700 n
Color LaserJet 4730 x mfp
Color LaserJet 4730 xm mfp
Color LaserJet 4730 xs mfp
Color LaserJet 4730mfp
Color LaserJet 5500
Color LaserJet 5500 dn
Color LaserJet 5500 dtn
Color LaserJet 5500 hdn
Color LaserJet 5500 n
Color LaserJet 5550
Color LaserJet 5550 dn
Color LaserJet 5550 dtn
Color LaserJet 5550 hdn
Color LaserJet 5550 n
Color LaserJet 8500
Color LaserJet 8500 DN
Color LaserJet 8500 N
Color LaserJet 8550
Color LaserJet 8550 DN
Color LaserJet 8550 GN
Color LaserJet 8550 MFP
Color LaserJet 8550 N
Color LaserJet 9500 hdn
Color LaserJet 9500 mfp
Color LaserJet 9500 n
Color LaserJet CM1312 MFP
Color LaserJet CM1312 nfi MFP
Color LaserJet CM2320 fxi
Color LaserJet CM2320 n
Color LaserJet CM2320 nf
Color LaserJet CM3530 fs MFP
Color LaserJet CM3530 MFP
Color LaserJet CM4730
Color LaserJet CM4730 f MFP
Color LaserJet CM4730 fm MFP
Color LaserJet CM4730 fsk MFP
Color LaserJet CM6030
Color LaserJet CM6030 f
Color LaserJet CM6040 f
Color LaserJet CM6040 mfp
Color LaserJet CP1210 Series
Color LaserJet CP1215
Color LaserJet CP1217
Color LaserJet CP1510 Series
Color LaserJet CP1515 n
Color LaserJet CP1518 ni
Color LaserJet CP2025 dn
Color LaserJet CP2025 n
Color LaserJet CP2025 x
Color LaserJet CP3505
Color LaserJet CP3505 dn
Color LaserJet CP3505 n
Color LaserJet CP3505 x
Color LaserJet CP3525 dn
Color LaserJet CP3525 n
Color LaserJet CP3525 x
Color LaserJet CP4005
Color LaserJet CP4005 dn
Color LaserJet CP4005 n
Color LaserJet CP6015
Color LaserJet CP6015 de
Color LaserJet CP6015 dn
Color LaserJet CP6015 n
Color LaserJet CP6015 x
Color LaserJet CP6015 xh
CopyJet Color
CopyJet M Color
CP 1160
CP 1160 tn
CP 1700
CP 1700 d
CP 1700 ps
DesignJet 100
DesignJet 100 Plus
DesignJet 1050 C
DesignJet 1055 CM
DesignJet 10ps
DesignJet 110 Plus
DesignJet 110 Plus nr
DesignJet 111
DesignJet 120
DesignJet 120 nr
DesignJet 130
DesignJet 130 nr
DesignJet 200
DesignJet 2000 CP
DesignJet 20ps
DesignJet 220
DesignJet 230
DesignJet 250 C
DesignJet 2500 CP
DesignJet 2800 CP
DesignJet 30
DesignJet 30 n
DesignJet 3000 CP
DesignJet 330 D/E
DesignJet 350 C
DesignJet 3500 CP
DesignJet 3800 CP
DesignJet 430
DesignJet 450 C
DesignJet 455 C
DesignJet 488 CA
DesignJet 500
DesignJet 500 PS
DesignJet 5000
DesignJet 50ps
DesignJet 510 24 In.
DesignJet 510 42 In.
DesignJet 5500
DesignJet 5500 ps
DesignJet 5500 ps UV
DesignJet 5500 UV
DesignJet 600
DesignJet 650 C
DesignJet 650 C/PS
DesignJet 70
DesignJet 750 C
DesignJet 750 C Plus
DesignJet 755 CM
DesignJet 800
DesignJet 800 PS
DesignJet 815 mfp 42 IN
DesignJet 820 MFP
DesignJet 90
DesignJet 90 r
DesignJet Colorpro CAD
DesignJet Colorpro GA
DesignJet Copier cc800ps
DeskJet 1000 Cse
DeskJet 1000 Cxi
DeskJet 1100 C
DeskJet 1120 Cse
DeskJet 1120 Cxi
DeskJet 1125 C
DeskJet 1180 C
DeskJet 1200 C
DeskJet 1200 C/PS
DeskJet 1220 C/PS
DeskJet 1220 Cse
DeskJet 1220 Cxi
DeskJet 1600 C
DeskJet 1600 CM
DeskJet 1600 CN
DeskJet 200
DeskJet 300 J
DeskJet 310
DeskJet 320
DeskJet 3320
DeskJet 3322
DeskJet 340
DeskJet 340 CBi Portable
DeskJet 3420
DeskJet 3425
DeskJet 3450
DeskJet 350 Mobile
DeskJet 3520
DeskJet 3535
DeskJet 3550
DeskJet 3620
DeskJet 3650
DeskJet 3653
DeskJet 3740
DeskJet 3740 v
DeskJet 3745
DeskJet 3745 v
DeskJet 3820
DeskJet 3843
DeskJet 3845
DeskJet 3845 xi
DeskJet 3910
DeskJet 3915
DeskJet 3918
DeskJet 3920
DeskJet 3930
DeskJet 3930 v
DeskJet 3938
DeskJet 3940
DeskJet 3940 v
DeskJet 400
DeskJet 400 L
DeskJet 4140
DeskJet 4145
DeskJet 420 C
DeskJet 450 cbi
DeskJet 450 ci
DeskJet 450 wbt
DeskJet 460c Mobile No & So America Ship
DeskJet 460c Mobile Western Euro Shipmen
DeskJet 460cb Mobile No & So America Shi
DeskJet 460cb Mobile Western Euro Shipme
DeskJet 460wbt Mobile No & So America Sh
DeskJet 460wbt Mobile Western Euro Shipm
DeskJet 460wf Mobile No & So America Shi
DeskJet 500
DeskJet 500 C
DeskJet 510
DeskJet 5150
DeskJet 520
DeskJet 540
DeskJet 5420 v
DeskJet 5440
DeskJet 5440 v
DeskJet 5440 xi
DeskJet 5442
DeskJet 5443
DeskJet 550C
DeskJet 5550
DeskJet 5551
DeskJet 560C
DeskJet 5650
DeskJet 5740
DeskJet 5740 xi
DeskJet 5743
DeskJet 5745
DeskJet 5748
DeskJet 5850
DeskJet 5940
DeskJet 5940 xi
DeskJet 600
DeskJet 600 C
DeskJet 610 CL
DeskJet 612 C
DeskJet 6122
DeskJet 6127
DeskJet 630 C
DeskJet 632 C
DeskJet 640
DeskJet 642 C
DeskJet 648 C
DeskJet 6520
DeskJet 6520 Western Euro Shipments
DeskJet 6520 xi
DeskJet 6540
DeskJet 6540 dt
DeskJet 6540 Western Euro Shipments
DeskJet 6540 xi
DeskJet 6540 xi Western Euro Shipments
DeskJet 6543 Western Euro Shipments
DeskJet 656 C
DeskJet 660 C
DeskJet 660 Cse
DeskJet 6620
DeskJet 6620 xi
DeskJet 670 C
DeskJet 670 TV
DeskJet 672 C
DeskJet 680
DeskJet 680 C
DeskJet 682 C
DeskJet 6830 v
DeskJet 6840 dt
DeskJet 6840 No & So America Shipment
DeskJet 6840 Western Euro Shipments
DeskJet 6840 xi
DeskJet 690 C
DeskJet 692 C
DeskJet 693 C
DeskJet 694 C
DeskJet 6940
DeskJet 6940 dt
DeskJet 695 C
DeskJet 697 C
DeskJet 6980
DeskJet 6980 dt
DeskJet 6988
DeskJet 6988 dt
DeskJet 710 C
DeskJet 712 C
DeskJet 720 C
DeskJet 722 C
DeskJet 810 C
DeskJet 812 C
DeskJet 820 Cse
DeskJet 820 Cxi
DeskJet 825 C
DeskJet 825 cvr
DeskJet 830 C
DeskJet 832 C
DeskJet 840 C
DeskJet 841 C
DeskJet 842 C
DeskJet 843 C
DeskJet 845 C
DeskJet 845 cvr
DeskJet 850 C
DeskJet 855 C
DeskJet 855 Cse
DeskJet 855 Cxi
DeskJet 870 Cse
DeskJet 870 Cxi
DeskJet 880 C
DeskJet 882 C
DeskJet 890
DeskJet 890 CM
DeskJet 890 Cse
DeskJet 890 Cxi
DeskJet 895 Cse
DeskJet 895 Cxi
DeskJet 920 C
DeskJet 930 C
DeskJet 9300
DeskJet 932 C
DeskJet 935 C
DeskJet 940 C
DeskJet 950 C
DeskJet 952 C
DeskJet 959 C
DeskJet 960 C
DeskJet 960 Cse
DeskJet 960 Cxi
DeskJet 9650
DeskJet 9670
DeskJet 9680
DeskJet 970 Cse
DeskJet 970 Cxi
DeskJet 980 Cxi
DeskJet 9800
DeskJet 9800 d
DeskJet 990 c
DeskJet 990 Cse
DeskJet 990 Cxi
DeskJet 995 C
DeskJet D1330
DeskJet D1341
DeskJet D1360
DeskJet D1420
DeskJet D1430
DeskJet D1445
DeskJet D1455
DeskJet D1520
DeskJet D1530
DeskJet D1560
DeskJet D1568
DeskJet D1660
DeskJet D2320
DeskJet D2330
DeskJet D2345
DeskJet D2360
DeskJet D2368
DeskJet D2400 Series
DeskJet D2430
DeskJet D2445
DeskJet D2460
DeskJet D2500 Series
DeskJet D2530
DeskJet D2545
DeskJet D2560 So & No America shipments
DeskJet D2660 So & No America shipments
DeskJet D2680
DeskJet D4155
DeskJet D4160
DeskJet D4260 No & So America Shipments
DeskJet D4280
DeskJet D4360
DeskJet F2110
DeskJet F2120
DeskJet F2128
DeskJet F2140
DeskJet F2180
DeskJet F2185
DeskJet F2187
DeskJet F2188
DeskJet F2200 Series
DeskJet F2210
DeskJet F2212
DeskJet F2214
DeskJet F2224
DeskJet F2240
DeskJet F2250
DeskJet F2275
DeskJet F2280
DeskJet F2290
DeskJet F2430
DeskJet F2480 No & So American Shipments
DeskJet F335
DeskJet F340
DeskJet F350
DeskJet F380
DeskJet F4135
DeskJet F4140
DeskJet F4150
DeskJet F4180
DeskJet F4189 MFP
DeskJet F4200 Series
DeskJet F4210
DeskJet F4230
DeskJet F4235
DeskJet F4240
DeskJet F4250
DeskJet F4272
DeskJet F4273
DeskJet F4274
DeskJet F4275
DeskJet F4280
DeskJet F4283
DeskJet F4288
DeskJet F4292
DeskJet F4293
DeskJet F4400 Series
DeskJet F4440
DeskJet F4480
DeskJet F4580 No & So America Shipments
DeskJet Plus
DeskJet Portable
DeskWriter 310
DeskWriter 320
DeskWriter 510
DeskWriter 520
DeskWriter 540
DeskWriter 550 C
DeskWriter 560 C
DeskWriter 600
DeskWriter 660 C
DeskWriter 680 C
DeskWriter 694 C
DeskWriter C
Digital Copier 310
Digital Copier Printer 310
Digital Copier Printer 410
Digital Copier Printer 610
Envy 100e All-In-One – D410b
Envy 110e All-In-One – D411a
Envy 110e All-In-One – D411b
Envy 111e All-In-One – D411d
Envy 114e All-In-One – D411c
FAX 1010
FAX 1020
FAX 1040
FAX 1040 xi
FAX 1050
FAX 1220
FAX 1230
FAX 1240
FAX 1250
FAX 200
Fax 2140
FAX 300
FAX 310
Fax 3180
FAX 640
FAX 700
FAX 750
FAX 900
FAX 920
FAX 950
LaserJet 1000
LaserJet 1000 W
LaserJet 1005 W
LaserJet 1010
LaserJet 1012
LaserJet 1015
LaserJet 1018
LaserJet 1020
LaserJet 1022
LaserJet 1022 n
LaserJet 1022 nw
LaserJet 1100
LaserJet 1100 A
LaserJet 1100 A se
LaserJet 1100 A xi
LaserJet 1100 se
LaserJet 1100 xi
LaserJet 1150
LaserJet 1160
LaserJet 1200
LaserJet 1200 n
LaserJet 1200 se
LaserJet 1220
LaserJet 1220 se
LaserJet 1300
LaserJet 1300 n
LaserJet 1300 t
LaserJet 1300 xi
LaserJet 1320
LaserJet 1320 n
LaserJet 1320 nw
LaserJet 1320 t
LaserJet 1320 tn
LaserJet 2100
LaserJet 2100 M
LaserJet 2100 se
LaserJet 2100 TN
LaserJet 2100 xi
LaserJet 2200 d
LaserJet 2200 dn
LaserJet 2200 dse
LaserJet 2200 dt
LaserJet 2200 dtn
LaserJet 2300
LaserJet 2300 d
LaserJet 2300 dn
LaserJet 2300 dtn
LaserJet 2300 L
LaserJet 2300 n
LaserJet 2400 Series
LaserJet 2410
LaserJet 2420
LaserJet 2420 d
LaserJet 2420 dn
LaserJet 2420 n
LaserJet 2430 dtn
LaserJet 2430 n
LaserJet 2430 tn
LaserJet 2605
LaserJet 3015
LaserJet 3020
LaserJet 3030
LaserJet 3050
LaserJet 3052
LaserJet 3055
LaserJet 3100 se
LaserJet 3100 xi
LaserJet 3150
LaserJet 3150 se
LaserJet 3150 xi
LaserJet 3200
LaserJet 3200 M
LaserJet 3200 se
LaserJet 3300
LaserJet 3300 mfp
LaserJet 3310
LaserJet 3320 mfp
LaserJet 3320 n mfp
LaserJet 3330 mfp
LaserJet 3380
LaserJet 3390
LaserJet 3392
LaserJet 4
LaserJet 4 Plus
LaserJet 4000
LaserJet 4000 N
LaserJet 4000 se
LaserJet 4000 T
LaserJet 4000 TN
LaserJet 4050
LaserJet 4050 N
LaserJet 4050 se
LaserJet 4050 T
LaserJet 4050 TN
LaserJet 4100
LaserJet 4100 dtn
LaserJet 4100 mfp
LaserJet 4100 n
LaserJet 4100 tn
LaserJet 4101 mfp
LaserJet 4200
LaserJet 4240 n
LaserJet 4250
LaserJet 4250 dtn
LaserJet 4250 Dtnsl
LaserJet 4250 n
LaserJet 4250 tn
LaserJet 4300
LaserJet 4345 mfp
LaserJet 4345 x
LaserJet 4345 xm
LaserJet 4345 xs
LaserJet 4350 dtn
LaserJet 4350 Dtnsl
LaserJet 4350 n
LaserJet 4350 tn
LaserJet 4L
LaserJet 4M
LaserJet 4M Plus
LaserJet 4ML
LaserJet 4MP
LaserJet 4P
LaserJet 5
LaserJet 5000
LaserJet 5000 GN
LaserJet 5000 N
LaserJet 5100
LaserJet 5100 dtn
LaserJet 5100 tn
LaserJet 5200 dtn
LaserJet 5200 LE
LaserJet 5200 n
LaserJet 5200 Series
LaserJet 5200 tn
LaserJet 5L
LaserJet 5L Xtra
LaserJet 5LFS
LaserJet 5M
LaserJet 5MP
LaserJet 5N
LaserJet 5P
LaserJet 5Se
LaserJet 5Si
LaserJet 5Si Mopier
LaserJet 5Si/MX
LaserJet 5Si/NX
LaserJet 6L
LaserJet 6Lse
LaserJet 6Lxi
LaserJet 6MP
LaserJet 6P
LaserJet 6Pse
LaserJet 6Pxi
LaserJet 8000
LaserJet 8000 DN
LaserJet 8000 N
LaserJet 8100
LaserJet 8100 DN
LaserJet 8100 N
LaserJet 8150
LaserJet 8150 dn
LaserJet 8150 hn
LaserJet 8150 mfp
LaserJet 8150 n
LaserJet 9000
LaserJet 9000 dn
LaserJet 9000 hns
LaserJet 9000 mfp
LaserJet 9000 n
LaserJet 9040
LaserJet 9040 dn
LaserJet 9040 mfp
LaserJet 9040 n
LaserJet 9050
LaserJet 9050 dn
LaserJet 9050 mfp
LaserJet 9050 n
LaserJet M1120 MFP
LaserJet M1120 n MFP
LaserJet M1319 f MFP
LaserJet M1522 n
LaserJet M1522 n MFP
LaserJet M1522 nf
LaserJet M1522 nf MFP
LaserJet M2727 nf MFP
LaserJet M3027 mfp
LaserJet M3027x MFP
LaserJet M3035 mfp
LaserJet M3035 xs MFP
LaserJet M4345 MFP
LaserJet M4345 x MFP
LaserJet M4345 xm MFP
LaserJet M4345 xs MFP
LaserJet M5025 mfp
LaserJet M5035 mfp
LaserJet M5035 x MFP
LaserJet M5035 xs MFP
LaserJet P1002
LaserJet P1003
LaserJet P1004
LaserJet P1005
LaserJet P1006
LaserJet P1009
LaserJet P1505
LaserJet P1505 n
LaserJet P2010 Series
LaserJet P2014
LaserJet P2015
LaserJet P2015 d
LaserJet P2015 dn
LaserJet P2015 n
LaserJet P2015 x
LaserJet P2035
LaserJet P2035 n
LaserJet P2050 Series
LaserJet P2055
LaserJet P2055 d
LaserJet P2055 dn
LaserJet P2055 x
LaserJet P3005
LaserJet P3005 d
LaserJet P3005 dn
LaserJet P3005 n
LaserJet P3005 x
LaserJet P4014
LaserJet P4014 dn
LaserJet P4014 n
LaserJet P4015
LaserJet P4015 dn
LaserJet P4015 n
LaserJet P4015 tn
LaserJet P4015 x
LaserJet P4515
LaserJet P4515 n
LaserJet P4515 tn
LaserJet P4515 x
LaserJet P4515 xm
M1005 mfp
Micr 4050
Mopier 240
Mopier 320
OfficeJet 100 Mobile – L411a
OfficeJet 100 Mobile – L411b
OfficeJet 300
OfficeJet 330
OfficeJet 350
OfficeJet 4110
OfficeJet 4110 v
OfficeJet 4110 xi
OfficeJet 4215
OfficeJet 4215 v
OfficeJet 4215 xi
OfficeJet 4310
OfficeJet 4315
OfficeJet 4315 v
OfficeJet 4315 xi
OfficeJet 4350
OfficeJet 4500 – G510g Wireless
OfficeJet 4500 – G510n Wireless
OfficeJet 500
OfficeJet 5110
OfficeJet 5110 xi
OfficeJet 520
OfficeJet 5500 Series
OfficeJet 5505
OfficeJet 5510
OfficeJet 5510 v
OfficeJet 5510 xi
OfficeJet 5515
OfficeJet 5600 Series
OfficeJet 5605
OfficeJet 5605 z
OfficeJet 5608
OfficeJet 5610
OfficeJet 5610 v
OfficeJet 5610 xi
OfficeJet 570
OfficeJet 580
OfficeJet 590
OfficeJet 600
OfficeJet 6000
OfficeJet 6000 Wireless
OfficeJet 610
OfficeJet 6110
OfficeJet 6110 xi
OfficeJet 6200
OfficeJet 6210
OfficeJet 6210 v
OfficeJet 6210 xi
OfficeJet 630
OfficeJet 6310
OfficeJet 635
OfficeJet 6500 AIO
OfficeJet 6500 Wireless
OfficeJet 700
OfficeJet 7000
OfficeJet 710
OfficeJet 7100
OfficeJet 7110
OfficeJet 7130
OfficeJet 7140 xi
OfficeJet 720
OfficeJet 7210
OfficeJet 7210 Euro Shipments
OfficeJet 7210 v
OfficeJet 7210 xi
OfficeJet 7310
OfficeJet 7310 xi
OfficeJet 7408
OfficeJet 7410
OfficeJet 7410 xi
OfficeJet 7500A – E910
OfficeJet 9100
OfficeJet 9110
OfficeJet 9120
OfficeJet 9130
OfficeJet d125 xi
OfficeJet d135
OfficeJet d145
OfficeJet d155 xi
OfficeJet G55
OfficeJet G55 xi
OfficeJet G85
OfficeJet G85 xi
OfficeJet G95
OfficeJet H470
OfficeJet H470 b
OfficeJet H470 wbt
OfficeJet H470 WF Mobile
OfficeJet J3600
OfficeJet J3625
OfficeJet J3635
OfficeJet J3640
OfficeJet J3650
OfficeJet J3680
OfficeJet J4500
OfficeJet J4540
OfficeJet J4550
OfficeJet J4580
OfficeJet J4580 Euro Shipments
OfficeJet J4640
OfficeJet J4680
OfficeJet J4680 Euro Shipments
OfficeJet J5700 Series
OfficeJet J5725
OfficeJet J5730
OfficeJet J5735
OfficeJet J5738
OfficeJet J5740
OfficeJet J5750
OfficeJet J5780 No & So American Shipmen
OfficeJet J5783
OfficeJet J5785
OfficeJet J5788
OfficeJet J5790
OfficeJet J6400 Series
OfficeJet J6410
OfficeJet J6410 Euro Shipments
OfficeJet J6413
OfficeJet J6415
OfficeJet J6450
OfficeJet J6480
OfficeJet K60
OfficeJet K60 xi
OfficeJet K80
OfficeJet K80 xi
OfficeJet LX
OfficeJet Pro 1150
OfficeJet Pro 1150 Cs
OfficeJet Pro 1170
OfficeJet Pro 1170 Cs
OfficeJet Pro 1170 Cx
OfficeJet Pro 1175
OfficeJet Pro 1175 Cse
OfficeJet Pro 1175 Cx
OfficeJet Pro 6500
OfficeJet Pro 6500 Wireless
OfficeJet Pro 8000
OfficeJet Pro 8000 Wireless
OfficeJet Pro 8500
OfficeJet Pro 8500 A e – A910
OfficeJet Pro 8500 Plus e – A910g
OfficeJet Pro 8500 Premier
OfficeJet Pro 8500 Premium e – A910n
OfficeJet Pro 8500 Wireless
OfficeJet Pro K5300 Oceania shipment
OfficeJet Pro K5400
OfficeJet Pro K5400 dn
OfficeJet Pro K5400 dn Oceania Shipments
OfficeJet Pro K5400 dtn
OfficeJet Pro K5400 Oceania Shipments
OfficeJet Pro K5400 tn
OfficeJet Pro K5400 tn Oceania Shipments
OfficeJet Pro K550
OfficeJet Pro K550 dtn
OfficeJet Pro K550 dtn Oceania Shipments
OfficeJet Pro K550 Dtwn
OfficeJet Pro K550 dtwn Oceania Shipment
OfficeJet Pro K550 Oceania Shipments
OfficeJet Pro K850
OfficeJet Pro K850 dn
OfficeJet Pro K8600
OfficeJet Pro K8600 dn
OfficeJet Pro K8600 dn Oceania Shipments
OfficeJet Pro K8600 dtn
OfficeJet Pro K8600 dtn Oceania Shipment
OfficeJet Pro K8600 Oceania Shipments
OfficeJet Pro L7380
OfficeJet Pro L7400
OfficeJet Pro L7500 Series
OfficeJet Pro L7550
OfficeJet Pro L7555
OfficeJet Pro L7580
OfficeJet Pro L7580 Oceania Shipments
OfficeJet Pro L7590
OfficeJet Pro L7600 Oceania Shipments
OfficeJet Pro L7600 Series
OfficeJet Pro L7650
OfficeJet Pro L7680
OfficeJet Pro L7700 Oceania Shipments
OfficeJet Pro L7700 Series
OfficeJet Pro L7750
OfficeJet Pro L7780
OfficeJet R40
OfficeJet R40 xi
OfficeJet R45
OfficeJet R60
OfficeJet R65
OfficeJet R80
OfficeJet R80 xi
OfficeJet T45
OfficeJet T45 xi
OfficeJet T65
OfficeJet T65 xi
OfficeJet V40
OfficeJet V40 xi
OficeJet Pro L7000
PhotoSmart 100
PhotoSmart 1000 xi
PhotoSmart 1115
PhotoSmart 130
PhotoSmart 130 v
PhotoSmart 130 xi
PhotoSmart 1315
PhotoSmart 145
PhotoSmart 145 v
PhotoSmart 145 xi
PhotoSmart 230
PhotoSmart 230 v
PhotoSmart 230 xi
PhotoSmart 245
PhotoSmart 245 v
PhotoSmart 245 xi
PhotoSmart 2570
PhotoSmart 2575
PhotoSmart 2575 Euro Shipments
PhotoSmart 2575 v
PhotoSmart 2575 xi
PhotoSmart 2600 Series
PhotoSmart 2610
PhotoSmart 2610 v
PhotoSmart 2610 xi
PhotoSmart 2710
PhotoSmart 2710 xi
PhotoSmart 3110
PhotoSmart 3210
PhotoSmart 325
PhotoSmart 325 Euro Shipments
PhotoSmart 325 v
PhotoSmart 325xi
PhotoSmart 3310
PhotoSmart 3310 xi
PhotoSmart 335
PhotoSmart 335 v
PhotoSmart 335 xi
PhotoSmart 375
PhotoSmart 375 B
PhotoSmart 375 Euro Shipments
PhotoSmart 375 v
PhotoSmart 385
PhotoSmart 385 Euro Shipments
PhotoSmart 385 v
PhotoSmart 385 xi
PhotoSmart 422 Euro Shipments
PhotoSmart 422 Gogo
PhotoSmart 425 Gogo
PhotoSmart 428
PhotoSmart 428 v
PhotoSmart 428 xi
PhotoSmart 428 xi Euro Shipments
PhotoSmart 475
PhotoSmart 475 Euro Shipments
PhotoSmart 475 v
PhotoSmart 475 xi
PhotoSmart 7150
PhotoSmart 7260
PhotoSmart 7260 v
PhotoSmart 7260 w
PhotoSmart 7350
PhotoSmart 7450
PhotoSmart 7450 v
PhotoSmart 7450 xi
PhotoSmart 7550
PhotoSmart 7660
PhotoSmart 7660 v
PhotoSmart 7660 w
PhotoSmart 7755
PhotoSmart 7760
PhotoSmart 7760 v
PhotoSmart 7760 w
PhotoSmart 7850
PhotoSmart 7960
PhotoSmart 7960 w
Photosmart 8030
Photosmart 8038
Photosmart 8049
PhotoSmart 8050
PhotoSmart 8050 v
PhotoSmart 8050 xi
Photosmart 8053
PhotoSmart 8150
PhotoSmart 8150 v
PhotoSmart 8150 xi
PhotoSmart 8250
PhotoSmart 8450
PhotoSmart 8450 Euro Shipments
PhotoSmart 8450 xi
PhotoSmart 8750
PhotoSmart A310 Series
PhotoSmart A430
PhotoSmart A430 Series
PhotoSmart A432
PhotoSmart A433
PhotoSmart A434
PhotoSmart A436
PhotoSmart A440
PhotoSmart A442
PhotoSmart A444
PhotoSmart A445
PhotoSmart A446
PhotoSmart A510 Series
PhotoSmart A516
PhotoSmart A526
PhotoSmart A530
PhotoSmart A536
PhotoSmart A552
PhotoSmart A610 Series
PhotoSmart A616
PhotoSmart A622
PhotoSmart A626
PhotoSmart A627
PhotoSmart A630
PhotoSmart A636
PhotoSmart A640 Series
PhotoSmart A646
PhotoSmart A710 Series
PhotoSmart A716
PhotoSmart A717
PhotoSmart A826
PhotoSmart C3100 Series
PhotoSmart C3140
PhotoSmart C3150
PhotoSmart C3180
PhotoSmart C4140
PhotoSmart C4150
PhotoSmart C4180
PhotoSmart C4210
PhotoSmart C4240
PhotoSmart C4250
PhotoSmart C4280 MFP No & So American Sh
PhotoSmart C4340 Series
PhotoSmart C4342
PhotoSmart C4343
PhotoSmart C4344
PhotoSmart C4345
PhotoSmart C4348
PhotoSmart C4380
PhotoSmart C4382
PhotoSmart C4383
PhotoSmart C4384
PhotoSmart C4385
PhotoSmart C4400 Series
Photosmart C4410
PhotoSmart C4435
PhotoSmart C4440
PhotoSmart C4450
PhotoSmart C4470
PhotoSmart C4472
PhotoSmart C4473
PhotoSmart C4475
PhotoSmart C4480
PhotoSmart C4480 Euro Shipments
PhotoSmart C4483
PhotoSmart C4485
PhotoSmart C4488
PhotoSmart C4493
PhotoSmart C4494
PhotoSmart C4500
PhotoSmart C4524
PhotoSmart C4540
PhotoSmart C4550
PhotoSmart C4575
PhotoSmart C4580
PhotoSmart C4583
PhotoSmart C4585
PhotoSmart C4588
PhotoSmart C4599
PhotoSmart C4600 Series
PhotoSmart C4610
PhotoSmart C4635
PhotoSmart C4640
PhotoSmart C4650
PhotoSmart C4670
PhotoSmart C4673
PhotoSmart C4680 No & So American Shipme
PhotoSmart C4683
PhotoSmart C4685
PhotoSmart C4688
PhotoSmart C4700 Series
PhotoSmart C4740
PhotoSmart C4750
PhotoSmart C4780
PhotoSmart C4783
PhotoSmart C4785
PhotoSmart C4788
PhotoSmart C4793
PhotoSmart C4795
PhotoSmart C4798
PhotoSmart C4799
PhotoSmart C5140
PhotoSmart C5150
PhotoSmart C5180
PhotoSmart C5240
PhotoSmart C5250
PhotoSmart C5280 Euro Shipments
PhotoSmart C5280 No & So American Shipme
PhotoSmart C5500 Series
PhotoSmart C5540
PhotoSmart C5550
PhotoSmart C5570
PhotoSmart C5580
PhotoSmart C6100 Series
PhotoSmart C6150
PhotoSmart C6180
PhotoSmart C6240
PhotoSmart C6250
PhotoSmart C6280
PhotoSmart C7180
PhotoSmart C7250
PhotoSmart C7275
PhotoSmart C7280
PhotoSmart C7283
PhotoSmart C7288
PhotoSmart C8180
PhotoSmart D5060
PhotoSmart D5065
PhotoSmart D5069
PhotoSmart D5145
PhotoSmart D5155
PhotoSmart D5160 Euro Shipments
PhotoSmart D5160 No & So America Shipmen
PhotoSmart D5345
PhotoSmart D5360
PhotoSmart D5360 Euro Shipments
PhotoSmart D6160 No & So America Shipmen
PhotoSmart D7145
PhotoSmart D7155
PhotoSmart D7160
PhotoSmart D7260
PhotoSmart D7345
PhotoSmart D7355
PhotoSmart D7360
PhotoSmart D7460
PhotoSmart e-All-In-One
PhotoSmart e-All-In-One – D110a
PhotoSmart P1000
PhotoSmart P1100
PhotoSmart P1100 xi
PhotoSmart P1215
PhotoSmart P1215 vm
PhotoSmart P1218
PhotoSmart P1218xi
PhotoSmart Pro B8350
PhotoSmart Pro B8800 Series
PhotoSmart Pro B8850
PhotoSmart Pro B9180
Photsmart 335 Euro Shipments
Photsmart 8150 Euro Shipments
PSC 1110
PSC 1110 v
PSC 1118
PSC 1200
PSC 1205
PSC 1209
PSC 1210
PSC 1210 v
PSC 1210 xi
PSC 1310
PSC 1311
PSC 1315
PSC 1315 v
PSC 1315 xi
PSC 1317
PSC 1340
PSC 1350
PSC 1350 v
PSC 1350 xi
PSC 1355
PSC 1400 Series
PSC 1401
PSC 1402
PSC 1403
PSC 1406
PSC 1408
PSC 1410
PSC 1410 v
PSC 1410 xi
PSC 1415
PSC 1417
PSC 1507
PSC 1510
PSC 1510 v
PSC 1510 xi
PSC 1600 Series
PSC 1610
PSC 1610 v
PSC 1610 xi
PSC 2105
PSC 2108
PSC 2110
PSC 2110 v
PSC 2110 xi
PSC 2115
PSC 2150
PSC 2170
PSC 2171
PSC 2175
PSC 2175 v
PSC 2175 xi
PSC 2200 Series
PSC 2210
PSC 2210 v
PSC 2210 xi
PSC 2350
PSC 2355
PSC 2355 v
PSC 2355 Xi
PSC 2410
PSC 2410 v Euro Shipments
PSC 2410 v PhotoSmart
PSC 2410 xi Euro Shipments
PSC 2410 xi PhotoSmart
PSC 2510
PSC 2510 xi PhotoSmart
PSC 2610 Euro Shipments
PSC 370
PSC 380
PSC 500
PSC 500 xi
PSC 720
PSC 750
PSC 750 xi
PSC 760
PSC 950
PSC 950 xi
PSC PhotoSmart 2610
PSC PhotoSmart 2710
QuietJet Plus
Think Jet

World’s First 3D Chocolate Printer

Monday, August 29th, 2011

3D Printers have been around for a few years and becoming more well known. Most 3D printers use plastic for modeling since it is easily formed and melts are lower temperatures. The scientists at the University of Exeter in England decided to create a printer that prints in chocolate since it has similar properties.

Canon Pixma MG5320 Wireless Inkjet Photo All-In-One Printer: Sale

Monday, August 29th, 2011

The Canon Pixma MG5320 is a great deal at less than $150. Speciality features such as the ability to print on CDs and DVD is a nice plus.

The Pixma MG5320 can scan, print and copy wirelessely on any home network. (more…)

Epson Artisan 730 All In One Printer

Wednesday, August 24th, 2011

The Epson Artisan 730 is a multifuction ink jet printer that can print, scan and make copies.  Something that makes this printer stand out is the capability for it to print directly on CD’s and DVDs.

Equipped with a 2.5 inch LCD to preview and edit your printers directly from the printer.


HP Deskjet 3050 Wireless All-In-One Printer $49

Tuesday, August 16th, 2011

The HP Deskjet 3050 Wireless printer, copier, and scanner all in one is a great option for anyone on a budget but would like a quality machine.

You can easily print and copy documents, monitor your print jobs and watch ink levels directly from the printer itself. (more…)

How to Pick a Printer for College

Monday, August 1st, 2011

Most college students will need a printer for their coursework at school. With so many printers to choose from it can easy to get lost in the number of options available. (more…)

HP Officejet 100 Mobile Printer

Tuesday, July 26th, 2011

For those who need mobile printing options, the HP Officejet 100 printer is a good option.

For a mobile printer it is slightly on the heavy side at 2.5kg with the battery installed, but with the extra weight you get some extra options not on other mobile printers. (more…)

What to Look For When Buying a Printer.

Wednesday, July 20th, 2011

Printer shopping can be overwhelming. So many printers with so many different options and prices. Here are a few details to check that can help narrow down your search for the best printer for your needs.

Look beyond the initial printer price. The cost of printing each page is a better way to calculate the overall price of your printer.

For example: you can buy a simple ink jet printer for $50 but the ink for replacement might be $25 or $30 each to replace. Not to mention how many printers per cartridge.

So take a look at the replacement cartridge costs. check how large the cartridges, then add in the costof the printer.

Look for reviews of  printer print quality. This is greatly important if you plan on printing photos from your printer. If you do not plan no printing many photos you dont need to invest in a photo printer with several specific color ink tanks. But if you plan on printing mostly photos than looks for a printer that offers at least sic separate color ink cartridges for better color printing.

Do you want a multifunction printer? Printers that can also scan, copy, and fax can be handy if you are short on space. But only spend the extra money if you actually needs these extra functions since it will add to the cost of the printer overall.

Inkjet or Laser printer? Most home users and small offices can benefit from using a mono-chrome laser printer verses an ink jet printer. The first is because the much lower overall cost of a laser printer once you add in the price and page yield of replacement cartridges.

It really is the best value. Most things we print do not need to be in color. If you need to print photos at times, simple get a second photo printer in addition to your laser printer. When you do the math, it will still be an overall savings.

Samsung ML-2525 Laser Printer for $44.99

Monday, June 27th, 2011

The Samsung ML-2525 laser printer has been brought down to a price any small business or home office can afford. A laser printer is the best option for cost efficient prints. (more…)