Cheap Ink Printer Cartridges and Laser Toner

Buy inkjet and laser printer cartridges online

Most college students will need a printer for their coursework at school. With so many printers to choose from it can easy to get lost in the number of options available.

First you will want to determine what kind of printing needs you will have . Think about the type of files you will need to printer, about how many prints you will need printer each month, also see what kind of printing services you will have available at your school.

Many schools offer printer services to students. Using a the printer services for larger project will allow you to save money on a printer for your every day printing needs.

When looking for a printer consider a if you will need color printing.  Most of the items you will need to print more than likely will only need to be black and white prints. If you can use the student printing services for your occasional color printing needs you can purchase a much cheaper monochrome printer.

If you only need to print black prints primarily, you will want to consider a monochrome laser printer. A laser printer can save you money on replacement cartridges in the long run.

Consider a printer with double-sided a duplex options. Being able to print long papers on half as much paper can save a few dollars over the year.

Finally you will want to decide if you need an all-in-one printer. Decide if you will need to just printer or if you will also need to scan, copy or fax as well. If you need to be able to use these other functions, having an all in one can save you a lot of space in a small dorm room. Yet, if you only need a printer and not the other functions, you can save yourself money by only getting the options you truly will use while at school.

Printer vs. All-In-One – Do you just need to print or do you also need to scan, copy, or fax. The additional capabilities can be useful, but most of these will be available for a fee at the central campus printing facilities.