Cheap Ink Printer Cartridges and Laser Toner

Buy inkjet and laser printer cartridges online

Printer shopping can be overwhelming. So many printers with so many different options and prices. Here are a few details to check that can help narrow down your search for the best printer for your needs.

Look beyond the initial printer price. The cost of printing each page is a better way to calculate the overall price of your printer.

For example: you can buy a simple ink jet printer for $50 but the ink for replacement might be $25 or $30 each to replace. Not to mention how many printers per cartridge.

So take a look at the replacement cartridge costs. check how large the cartridges, then add in the costof the printer.

Look for reviews of  printer print quality. This is greatly important if you plan on printing photos from your printer. If you do not plan no printing many photos you dont need to invest in a photo printer with several specific color ink tanks. But if you plan on printing mostly photos than looks for a printer that offers at least sic separate color ink cartridges for better color printing.

Do you want a multifunction printer? Printers that can also scan, copy, and fax can be handy if you are short on space. But only spend the extra money if you actually needs these extra functions since it will add to the cost of the printer overall.

Inkjet or Laser printer? Most home users and small offices can benefit from using a mono-chrome laser printer verses an ink jet printer. The first is because the much lower overall cost of a laser printer once you add in the price and page yield of replacement cartridges.

It really is the best value. Most things we print do not need to be in color. If you need to print photos at times, simple get a second photo printer in addition to your laser printer. When you do the math, it will still be an overall savings.