Tools to Streamline Your Business: From a Multi-Functioning Printer to an Online Fax Service

If you are a small business owner, you probably have had to deal with scarcity when it comes to monetary resources at some point. Aside from this, you may have also encountered difficulties in finding sufficient office space to work. These are some of the reasons why it is sometimes hard to keep everything in order. You may have issues with your phone, printer, online fax, etc. Below are some products and services that can help you save enough money and space, simply through consolidation.

Printers That Can Do it All
An office space is not complete without the presence of an all-in-one printer. This tool can scan, print, copy, and even fax! While looking for different machines, make it a point to take into account that not every multifunctional printer is created equally. Watch out for printers under $100. Cheap printers are bound to break easily and waste ink, which will end up costing you more money in the end.

Sometimes printers with faxing capabilities are a little too expensive. Luckily, you can find low-cost and even free online fax services that allow you to send and receive documents to fax machines over the internet. Some of these online fax services include RingCentral, Nextiva, and MetroFax.

All-In-One Phone and Stereo Headset

Multi-functioning headsets can be found anywhere! People who need to use their hands while driving or typing on the computer find them particularly useful. These headsets offer dual capabilities. They can work both as a phone headset and a stereo headset. If you need to multi-task regularly on the job, a headset of this sort is a great investment.

Internet Compatible Cell Phones

You probably already own a smartphone or two. A growing number of professionals rely on smartphones to be able to check their email anywhere, anytime. A smartphone lets you leave your netbook or laptop behind, since you can still access the internet on your phone using what is called the 3G network. It may sound surprising, but the Pew Internet Project asserts that 25% of smartphone owners use their phones to access the internet more frequently than any other device.

Individuals and companies alike have developed applications for smartphones to help increase efficiency on the go. The following are a few apps you need to check out:

  • Documents to Go Premium – permits you to view, edit, and create documents.
  • Traska – helps you manage tasks and organize your schedule.
  • InDinero – helps you record what money you spend and provides a forecasting budget.
  • Mocha VNC Lite – lets you control your Mac or Windows computer from your phone.
  • Expensify – assists you in using your receipts to make expense reports.

Focus on buying inexpensive tools that will help you be more efficient and organized. Once you’ve downloaded the right apps, signed up for an online fax account, and purchased the perfect printer for your needs, you’ll find that running your business is a lot easier.