How to Buy a Photo Printer

Printer photos at home can be fun and easy if you have the right photo printer for your needs. With so many photo printers to choose from, we examine a few details to help you make the right choice for your printing needs.

There are two main types of photo printers: a dedicated and near-dedicated photo printers. The dedicated photo printers can only print photos. Most of these are limited to specific paper sizes for photos. In addition they tend to be smaller and more portable printers.

A near-dedicated photo printer can print quality photos as well as larger sized prints.

Before you start looking for a printer, it will be helpful to think about some of these items:

Decide if you need or want a printer that can only printer photos or do you need one with more flexibility. If you are limited on space and do not need to print many photos you might want a smaller portable photo printer and then a nice all-in-one printer for your other printing needs.

Do you printer black and white photos?  Many photo printers do not print black and white photos very well. They are designed  to print color photos. If you are printing a high percentage of black and white photos, you will want to look for a photo printer that is designed to do so.

How large of photos do you need to print? If you want to print larger sized photos you will need a photo printer that can print larger photos. Many dedicated photo printers will only print up to 7 inches.

How do you want your printer to connect to your computer and network? Many photo printers are designed to print without being connected to a computer or network. Simply hook up your camera or data card to the printer and you are set to print.

What type of quality of photos do you need to print? If you are a professional photographer, expect to pay more for a printer that can print the high quality you expect. For basic family photos you might be able to get away with a lesser quality print and same money on the printer.