Cheap Ink Printer Cartridges and Laser Toner

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Usually after the cartridges gets empty we are tempted to throw it away or recycle it using a printer cartridge recycling service provider. Here are some other ways that you can put your used printer cartridge to better use in your home, Such as:

To Make a Piggy Bank
You can use your old cartridge to make a piggy bank so that you don’t lose your change and can save some money to buy something nice. Also you can save money on buying a piggy bank.

To Make a Plant Pot
You can also help environment by using cartridges as a pot and have plants in your home in order to counteract our consumption of oxygen. Remember to place holes in the bottom to ensure that excess water can escape so that you don’t drown the plants.

To Make a Picture Frame
Picture frames can be expensive, however, you can use old printer cartridge to make one! From some pictures available online you can see that some creative people even use paper Mache to build interesting shapes around the core photo frame which is made using cartridges.

To Make a Bread Basket
If you are keeping your bread inside a standard wooden or even chrome bread basket then you can go creative by making a bread basket with used cartridges and customize it to your preferences using a variety of means.

To Make an Aquarium
Life must be pretty dull for your fish with little to see or explore. You can make a brand new fish tank using used print cartridges. Not only that, it is also possible to make under water accessories using printer cartridges such as tunnels and pathways which create even more hours of fun for your pet fish. But this is you can express yourself and get creative!