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How to Share a Printer between Different Operation Systems (XP Pro, XP Home, Linux)

This is not an easy process. To simplify the process, Here are few steps that can help you simplify this process.

1. Installation
Just install the printer, as is the normal process.

2. Control Panel
Go to the control panel and open the ‘Add or Remove Programs’ window. You will be shown a whole list of components that form a part of your system.

3. Windows Components
Through the ‘Add/Remove’ Programs, go to the ‘Add/Remove Windows Components’ and click on it. This would be available on the left side of the dialogue box.

You will find a tab marked ‘Other Network Files and Printer Services’. Check the box and then click on details. Herein, you will need to check on the box titled ‘Print Services for UNIX’.

5. Printers and Faxes
Open the ‘Printers and Faxes’ window and then right click on the printer icon. Select ‘Share’ and also create a name for the share. This name should be short, practical and there should be no space or special character in the name. This share name is very important.

6. Taking care of the Firewall
Your Windows Firewall might block a Linux System from using the printer. Therefore, the firewall needs to be turned off. You could always turn it on again after the printer has been used.

7. Static IP Number
The Windows IP number should be static.

8. Access and Share
You can now share the printer across various OS by selecting the share name.