Cheap Ink Printer Cartridges and Laser Toner

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If you are looking for ways to reduce your inventory and save money, using universal toner cartridges in your office is a smart move.

With our premium compatible universal toner cartridges, you get the best of both worlds. One of our universal cartridges can replace up to four unique toner SKU’s.

That means when you stock one all-in-one universal cartridge, you are actually stocking four individual cartridges.

To make it even a better offer, our universal cartridges are less expensive than the individual SKUs they replace.  Letting you save money and reduce your inventory.

Printer Series – Toner Part it Replaces – Yield

Brother TN-200, TN-250, TN-300, TN-500: TN250, TN300: 2,200 yield

Brother TN-430, TN-460, TN-560, TN-570 Toner: TN460, TN570: 6,500 yield

HP Laserjet 4200, Laserjet 4240, Laserjet 4300, Laserjet 4350, Laserjet 4345: Q1338A, Q1339A, Q5942C: 12,000 page yield

HP Laserjet 4200, Laserjet 4300, Laserjet 4250, Laserjet 4350, Laserjet 4345: Q1338A, Q1339A, Q5942XC, Q5945AC: 20,000 page yield