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Tips for HP Printer Ink Refill Kits

To make the task of refilling printer ink cartridges using HP printer ink refill kits easy for the average computer user, here are a few tips and tricks.

1. Each printer unit requires a specific formulation of ink to function properly. Always buy an HP printer ink refill kit that is specifically manufactured for the particular model that you have. Feeding your HP printer with the wrong type of printer ink can permanently damage your printer.

2. Refill cartridge before it gets dry. Keep a check if the ink cartridge is running out of ink. If you wait too long, the printer ink left inside the cartridge will clog the cartridge outlets and damage it. Refilling a damaged ink cartridge will result in bad print quality and also can permanently damage head damage. If you are not sure if your printer ink cartridge is empty, print a test page.

3. Make sure that you follow the instructions on your HP printer ink refill kit to the letter. If you do not follow the instructions carefully, you may end up with a damaged cartridge, or worse, a damaged printer head.

4. In filling a colored printer ink cartridge, be certain that you fill the cartridge chamber with the correct color of ink. Failing to do this will result in skewed printing results.

5. Line your workplace with cloth before you begin. Cloth will absorb the ink and keep it from seeping onto the surface of your workplace.

6. In case if you got ink on your hands while refilling your printer ink cartridge. To remove ink stains from your hands, just wash it first with soap and water to get the excess oil of the ink off your skin. Follow it with a wash of mild bleach mixed with water. And then, wash your hands again with soap and water to get the bleach off.