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Difference between Ink Cartridge, Printhead & Toner Cartridge

Cartridge: As the name suggests, a printer ink cartridges contains ink, while a laser toner cartridges contains a toner. The toner is essentially dry ink and not wet ink as in the case of ink cartridges. However, both types of ink, find their way to the paper through the printhead.

Printheads are different from cartridges: Cartridges and printheads are two very different components. Printheads are a component that contains the nozzle of the printer. This nozzle squirts the ink from the ink cartridge onto the paper.

Cost: Printer Ink Cartridges are cheaper than laser toner cartridges. But, laser toner cartridges offer much better page yield than ink cartridges.

Printing Speed: When it comes to the speed of the printing process, laser toner cartridges are faster than ink cartridges. Moreover, this difference is also a result of the sophisticated printhead technology in laser printers.

Print Quality: Another difference between printer ink cartridges and laser printer toner cartridges is the difference in the quality of printing. Laser printer cartridges offer a better image quality than ink cartridges, but the difference is not that large.