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Xerox Workcenter XD-100 Multifunctional Digital Copier and Laser Printer Review

The Xerox Workcenter XD-100 is a multifunctional digital copier and laser printer. The size of XD-100 is bit larger and occupies considerable space of your desk. The XD-100 performs speedy and efficiently.

You can set the copy contrast control and the exposure modes to auto, text, photo, and toner save. When set on photo mode, the XD-100’s copies of images showed a greater range and nuance of gray.

The XD-100 gives you a very good printing speed which is about eight pages per minute and copies at 10 pages per minute with a high quality 600 x 600 dpi resolution. The XD-100 is the only copier which provides laser-perfect results.

You can also make use of its reduction and enlargement function to set the size of the print as per your wish from 50 to 200 percent. The drawer holds 250 sheets and the unit prints or copies onto envelopes, transparencies, labels, card stock, and stationery in sizes of letter, legal, and executive. Paper loads into a drawer, and printed copies emerge in an efficient permanent tray.

Xerox Workcenter XD-100 carries a draw back as it doesn’t provides you with any pause button; to reset we had to press clear and begin again. The maximum size for copies is 8.5 by 14 inches, and the maximum size for originals is 10 by 14 inches. The unit’s hinged top helps you to accommodate thicker items such as magazines and books. The XD-100 is supported by a three-year parts-and-labor warranty.