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How to Find Ink for Your Dell Printer

Dell printers are the strongest competition in the market when it comes to text and graphic quality of print. The problem comes when you have to replace cartridges.

Traditionally what we do is go to Dell website an order for one or call the Dell hotline and order because of its unavailability in retail stores, but that’s old school.

Now Dell has made it a point to make it printer and other computer supplies available at different retail stores and websites for consumers ease.

Dell Ink to be sold at “Staples”

Staples are only store to have an agreement with Dell to sell its Ink for printers. No matter what Dell printer model you own, you can just walk in a Staples store and get the cartridge you need. You can also order a cartridge from Staples website for the cartridge to arrive at your doorsteps, but you can still continue the old school as you can even now call the hotline or go to Dell website and order for your printer cartridge.

Online cartridge sellers sell Dell’s Ink

Besides the Dell website and Staples Website you can get Ink for you Dell printer for Many of other online Ink sellers also have agreement with Dell to sell printer supplies.

While using these websites you have to be little careful. You can also use repackaged ink for you Dell printer just make sure it’s compatible with your Dell printer. Just make sure the Ink you buy for you printer comes from a reliable source.