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Reasons to Buy a 3D Printer and Increase Productivity in the Office

3D printer are getting more popular now a days. The extreme features of 3D printer have made the task more easy and fast. A lot of small engineering and architectural firms has made use of 3D printer. Though the cost of each unit of 3D printer is bit high but it’s worth investing as its covers up your money in terms of quality and efficiency.

Not all companies have the capital to invest on such a piece of equipment. That is because the 3D printers can do a lot in increasing productivity and sales for the company. Let’s have a look at few benefits of 3D printers:

1. Reduced time in producing scale models. Engineers require preparing a scale models for their work. Prior to the availability of 3D printers and rapid prototyping machines, they use to prepare scale models by hand and other tools. Which use to take weeks to create scale models in that way and which also was not that accurate?

With the use of 3D printers companies are able to reduce the time in producing such models from weeks to hours. This helped companies to get the work done more accurately in much less time and also do more work with less man power.

2. Reduces time devoted to paperwork. With 3D printers companies are able to create the scale models on their own easily sitting at office. But in case when the company orders its scale models from an external service provider, it takes lots of formalities and paper work to be done such as to place the orders, to requisition materials and to manage receipts. The administrative assistants that the company employs will also have to keep track of all that paperwork.

3. Marketing completed at a faster rate. By providing the scale models the company can create an impression of completing the work before time with efficiently and accurately.

4. Higher rate of flexibility: 3D printers give the flexibility of making changes in the model at ease and as per requirement without wasting long hours on it. The more flexibility the more efficiency and productivity can be gained. Higher rate of flexibility leads to higher rate of accuracy.