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Lexmark No. 16 (10N0016) Black Inkjet Print Cartridge

Lexmark No.16 (10N0016) black ink cartridge is ideal for printing documents in crisp black text.

The Remanufactured LEXMARK 10N0016 carries a 1 year Money Back Guarantee.

So, in addition to getting all the benefits of a genuine LEXMARK 10N0016 product, you also get a price benefit when you buy the Remanufactured LEXMARK 10N0016 which saves around 70% of your actual expense.

With around $15.50 it works with several printer models as follows:

2200, X1100, X1110, X1130, X1140, X1150, X1155, X1160, X1170, X1180, X1185, X1190, X1270, X2230, X2240, X2250, X74, X75, Z13, Z23, Z23e, Z25, Z25L, Z33, Z34, Z35, Z515, Z517, Z600, Z601, Z602, Z603, Z604, Z605, Z611, Z612, Z615, Z617, Z640, Z645.