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How to find MSDSs for Lexmark Laser Printer Cartridges.

printer_safety_suppliesMaterial Safety Data Sheet (MSDS). Why do you need MSDS info when looking for printer supplies? It’s because we want our printers to be safe for use.

Now how do we find MSDS info for your office printer supplies, the first person to get in touch with is the person in charge for office supplies. He or She will always have an updated sheet of MSDS for the products used in your office.

In case of when he/she doesn’t have it you can go online to retrieve data from the search box below. You can search by printer model or ink cartridge number.

Sampling a Lexmark Laser Printer Cartridge MSDS.
What does MSDS for Lexmark Laser Printer Cartridge look like? We checked it for few models and below is how it appears.

  • Health hazard. The print cartridge does not pose any harm when it comes into contact with the skin, but such contact should be avoided nonetheless. It can also cause mild irritation when inhaled or ingested, and there is a possibility that it can make existing respiratory conditions worsen when inhaled.
  • First aid measures. If the dust from the print cartridge gets in contact with the skin, the affected area should be washed thoroughly with soap and water. If the affected areas are the eyes, the eyes should be flushed with warm water. Should the dust be inhaled, the person who inhaled it should be taken out to get fresh air. A glass or two of water should be given to the person who ingested it.

The MSDS of this Lexmark laser printer cartridge also indicates that it should never be put in a place where children could reach it.