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Dell printers & Dell Ink Cartridges – Common Problems and Tips for a Quick Fix.

If you are using a Dell Printer & Ink Cartridges you don’t need a technical expert to fix them if you have a problem you can fix it yourself as it’s fairly easy to do it. Here are some common problems and some troubleshooting tips.

No Apparent Jam, but Paper is Stuck
You need to locate the piece of paper and remove it. Most of the time it is easy to pull out.  If you can not find the piece of paper that is stuck then it actually might not be the paper.  But rather the rollers in the printer are causing the problems.  At times they can become loose.  If that is the case, you can tighten the rollers up and fix your problem.

Failure to Print

If all of the other functions work in a multi-function printer, yet it wont printer… it is more than likely is a case of clogged ink cartridges.  Start the process for cleaning the printer headers.  Most the time that will quickly resolve your problem.

Paper Feed Problem

Check the printer for any stuck paper in the paper feed area.  Other items could have gotten in the way and blocked the rollers as well, you might need to clean the area with compressed air.

Cartridge Not Recognized

This is a common error when users refill their own cartridges or by remanufactured cartridges.  Both options can save the you a lot of money, but at times, if not done correctly, can give errors. If you refilled your own cartridge, do not wait until the cartridge is completely empty.  Refill the cartridge as soon as the printer warns you the ink level is getting low.