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Save Money on Printing and Printer Supplies This Year.

For many small businesses the cost of printing and printer supplies can very easily be reduced, in turn adding up for big savings over the year.

We found a couple of great suggestions from the site Survival Guide For Small Business.  In their article titled “Ways to Save on Office Printing and Supplies this Year” there are several practical and easy suggestions for evaluating your needs to see where some changes can be implemented.

First, take a look at all of the printers in your office.  Seems obvious, but at times printers can sneak up on you and make their way onto someone’s desk that really doesn’t need one.

I recommend a simple excel sheet of the printers in the office with columns with such information as:

Printer brand, model, ink cartridge or toner replacement numbers, ink cartridge or toner replacement cost, location of printer (is it in the hallway or sitting on Tom’s desk?), is the printer hooked to the network (if it is on the network it makes it easy to share).  Include any other data that may be helpful in your specific office setting.

I recommend that you take a few minutes to read the entire article to find several ways of saving money in your office. Go to article >>