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New Years Resolutions – Organizing Digital Photos

It is a new year and many of us have made a few New Year Resolutions to get organized. Specifically getting  some of our digital photos organized.

Growing up taking a picture involved a little more time and effort because once you took the picture it would take some time to get your photo prints back. Personally, my mother always shipped them away in the mail for the best price but it seems like it took forever to get them back.

Then once we got them back, always in duplicate, we would put them in our photo box. Yes, a few would make it into a photo album, but most just stayed in the boxes of pictures in the closest.

Today, most families only use digital photography.  Which is easy, but now instead of a roll of 24 pictures, we have memory cards full of thousands of pictures.

Our favorite software for organizing photos is Picasa by Google. It is a free photo organizing software that can be easily downloaded.  Once it is installed onto your computer it will run a scan to find all the pictures on your PC if you choose.  Giving you an easy way to start getting organized.

There as so many features that it is easier just to go to their site and view the videos to use the software.