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Why are Brand Name Ink Cartridges and Toner So Expensive?

money2When we make a printer purchase most people simply look at the cost of the printer itself and forget to look at cost of the ink.

Currently ounce per ounce, printer ink is worth more than gold.  But why? 

Is it because the brand name cartridges are made better? No. The components used to make compatible and oem ink cartridges are almost identical.  Even at times, these discounted ink cartridges are made at the same factories that the brand name cartridges are made. They simply are give different boxes!

Is it because brand name cartridges use higher quality ink? No.

It must be because brand name cartridges offer higher quality prints.  No again. Most people see for themselves that even side by side, the prints are almost identical in print quality.

So we are again left with the question, “Why are brand name cartridges so expenseive?”

A few reasons, first, that is how these printer companies make most of their money.  Really, prices for printers are very low, there isn’t much if any markup over the cost to produce the printer.  This explains why you can purchase a printer for $30.

Second, they know people will purchase name brand cartridges because most people do not realize you have an alternative.