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Solving InkJet Printer Problems: Prints Contain White Lines in Text

Inkjet printers can have a host of printing problems.  One of the most common problem is getting while lines in the text.

This can happen when a printer hasn’t been used for a while or even when replacing with a new cartridges.  This problem is the result of a clogged print head.

The simple solution that generally clears this is up is running the cleaning process from the printer’s utility program. You might need to run it a few times to unclog the print heads.

If that process doesn’t work, leave your printer turned off overnight.  Actually turning the printer off puts the cartridges back in the base position in the printer.  That position has a cover for the print heads to prevent too much air from reaching the print heads. Then in the morning try running the cleaning process again.

It is important with an inkjet printer that you actually turn the printer off when not using it to insure the print cartridges are in their base position.  If you still experience this type of problem, you might just have to replace the inkjet cartridges for this printer.