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Solving InkJet Printer Problems: Printers are Blurry

When printing photos on your printer there are a few problems that can come up that you might not have run into when printing normal documents.  Here a few solutions to the common problem of blurry photos.

If your photo prints are blurry it could be as simple problem as having damp paper.  If there is a lot of humidity you paper can collect the water.  Then when the ink hits the paper it is mixed with the water in the paper.  Kind of like the affect you get when you use watercolor paints, on a much smaller scale, but it gives you the idea of what is happening.

Also, make sure you are printing on the correct side of the paper.  Only one side of photo paper is meant to be printed on.

Another thing to look at is your paper setting in the printer options.  Different types of paper require different amounts of ink to be used in the printing process.  So when printing a photo it is very important to have the paper settings correct in the printing options.  You might only notice this when printing photos since a photo requires so much more ink than a normal document.

Also, make sure you have the correct inkjet cartridges for your printer.  A few printers require special cartridges for photos.