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Kyocera Claims to Have the World’s Fastest Inkjet Printhead

Kyocera has recently announced they will have the world’s fastest inkjet printhead on display at the Japan Graphic Arts Show this week in Tokyo.

The KJ4Series from Kyocera ejects its ink at up to 60,000 dots per second with 2,656 nozzles per print head.  The new printhead is capable of printing about 150 million dots per second.

This is compared at Kyocera’s current inkjet printhead that handles 150 meters per minutes at 600×600 dps resolution.  Which was a record in 2008.

Kyocera states the new increase in speed has been attained by enhancing the drive frequency, changing the interior ink channels to get a higher flow rate, changing nozzle configuration, and improving the print head by reducing the chance of clogging.

The new printhead is planned for a release in 2010.  But don’t expect to find it in your home inkjet printer yet.  Kyocera markets this line of printhead technology to commercial high-speed printing of on-demand publications.