Cheap Ink Printer Cartridges and Laser Toner

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Saving Money on Ink Cartridges

Since ink cartridges are really the true cost of owning your printer, saving some money on you ink cartridges makes sense. Here are a few quick things that can help.

1) Find a better place to purchase your ink cartridges

There are several online websites to purchase.  Buying online gives you the option of doing your research on the various suppliers and choosing the best discount price. Many online ink cartridge sites offer free printing, so take advance of deals like this to keep your costs down.

2) Don’t user your printer to print your photos.

This may seem opposite of what we are being told since there are hundreds of photo printers available. But printing photos at home costs a lot of money.  There are cheaper options where you can bring your photos to have someone else print them for you.  You can even upload your photos to be printed and mailed to you.

3) Consider Using a Laser Printer

If you are a small business owner or you print in large volume, you really should be using a laser printer instead. Monochrome (black, greyscale) is fine. Remember to look past the higher price for the printer ($100+) and the toner cartridge ($50+), and instead look at the MUCH lower cost per-page (2500 pages and up on a single cart). Also, laser printers last much longer, and are more easily repaired.

4) Purchase Remanufactured or OEM Cartridges.

The printer industry had made it seem that we must buy the higher dollar cartridges.  That is not true. You can buy brand new printer cartridges from the printer manufacturer; buy remanufactured OEM cartridges, compatible cartridges or printer ink refill kits. Of all the options available compatible cartridges and refill kits are the least expensive. These offer good value for money and the print is of good quality.