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Hewlett Packard Unveils its New Remote Printer Technology.

In a first, Hewlett Packard, the undisputable leader in the printing industry, has come up with new technology that enables users of Blackberry to access their documents on the go or while traveling. Named CloudPrint services, it prints web pages, images, data or email attachments at any network printer. In addition, it is driverless and printer agnostic and needs just an internet enabled mobile phone.

Here, users can directly print or locate documents from Blackberry device without cables or special print drivers. In fact, they can even choose from printer list within their participating or home PSP, enterprise network and just click “print”. You can download the ‘print’ button application from the website. Once you install it, users can get access to all printers based on location.

If available, the application automatically geo-locates the user based on GPS or the user could search depending on the search string. Thereafter, users can select the printer from pull-down menu and thereafter click on “print”. It was the company’s central research arm – HP labs that invented the CloudPrint technology. With major firms across the world, HP is currently running a limited trial of the technology.