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New Eco-Friendly Printer Needs No Ink and No Electricity

inklessprinterThis new printer from the future does not need electricity or ink to print! The technology actually uses old coffee grinds to run! This can give you another reason not to skip your morning brew.

This new printer was featured in the Greener Gadgets Design Competition. This printer used coffee or tea dregs to create computer printouts.

The printer is simple to use. You insert a piece of paper. Then place your used coffee or tea grinds into the ink case on the top of the printer. Finally, you move the ink case left and right to print the image. Greener Gadgets reports that it used no electricity.

This is not going to replace the average office printer. But there is a lot of potential for a small home printer. The printer will only print black ink and since the paper must be manually fed, this is not ideal for larger projects. But what a great step forward in eco-friendly printing!

It will save on the cost of buying ink and electricity. In addition you will be doing your part in keeping used ink cartridges out of our landfills!