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hp-photosmart-a-616With sleek body and exquisite make, the HP Photosmart A616 compact photo printer clearly stands out from other HP series photo printers. It allows you to print beyond the conventional 4 x 6 image.

Once you opt for 5×7, you observe a growth in possibilities. Offering sharp and vibrant color prints, the HP A616 provides an excessive print flexibility having comparable weight with print speeds as good as to other similar compact printers.

Featuring a full color 2.4 inch flip-up LCD screen, the HP Photosmart photos print under a resolution of 4800×1200 dpi. It accepts images from computer; Bluetooth-enabled devices and compatible digital camera for those who opt for adapter. You don’t require a camera or computer for simple functions like editing. Thanks to the HP Photosmart A616, you can remove red-eye, crop, add and rotate both effects and even incorporate a variety of borders.

There are several media options that differentiate A616 from its several competitors. Besides printing the standard 4 x 6 photos, you may also print 4 x 12 panorama photos and 5 x 7 photos.

IT experts have praised the expanded printing options of HP Photosmart A 616 that does not sacrifice on quality in spite of its relatively light weight and small size. During printing, some irregularities were observed in the quality of photos, including over saturated tones of skin and slowdowns while printing. Consumers who purchased the product were less critical of quality, and claimed that the prints made by A 616 were more difficult to distinguish from other photo lab prints. Users also liked the easy quick start and set-up of the new photo printer which prints within minutes.

For those who want to print several photos in quick time, HP Photosmart 616 is the best choice. The total print cost is economical. Overall, in value, the A 616 value is the best one available. Why wait? Grab now!!!