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Dell 1100 Laser Printer

dell-laser-printer-1100The Dell Laser Printer 1100 is the best bargain for home/office printers. It offers good quality graphics and text printing at a fast speed. Hats off to Dell for having dropped its official price below $ 100. Add in another $ 50 and you extend its warranty from 90 days to a year besides receiving a USB cable.

The soft gray and bright white Dell Laser Printer weighs just 12 pounds and takes up enough space as the jumbo toaster oven. With the trays extended, it measures 16 by 8.5 by 1 inches.

The major drawback – Dell’s input paper tray remains open, exposing the sheets to dust. Above the printer, there is a capacity for nearly 50 sheets of outgoing paper alongside the easy-to-use control panel. There is one button to signal the printer to cancel or feed jobs. In case the printer is jammed or busy, two LED’s flash.

Behind the printer’s main door, its toner cartridge provides a long handle for smooth removal and installation; open the machine’s top cover to clear the paper jams. Once you purchase a USB cable, the Dell Laser Printer 1100 is easy to install. To connect the printer to the PC, just follow the setup poster. Thereafter, allow the drivers to self-load.

For a device of its class, the printer has an average 600 x 600 dpi resolution. In addition, its 150 MHz processor bests even that of the Samsung ML-1740. The other introductory lasers come with 8 MB RAM to manage simple images and fonts. However, the small 2 MB of RAM limits Dell 1100 to just a personal use, such as spreadsheets, low-priority grayscale graphics and printing text.

Unfortunately, the 1100 comes with 1000-page starter toner cartridge, which you have to replace with the $ 65 standard black toner cartridge made to last 2000 pages. At this rate, one page text would cost you nearly 3.3 cents high for a laser printer.


On the whole, Dell offers a crisp and good quality text, though it is not that dark enough to be called excellent. In addition, it has a well-formed text, which is easy to read in all font sizes, in spite of its faintness. In addition, the graphics prints are also nice.

The Dell Laser Printer 1100 has a 90-day limited warranty and a year of technical support. In case the printer turns defective within 90 days, Dell would replace it by the next working day. Additionally, you can extend the exchange program and limited warranty by a year for as little as $ 29, three years for $ 49 and two years for $ 39.

Dell deserves kudos and respect for having included DHL shipping label, which you could use to send the old printer for free disposal to Dell’s Recycle Center.