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Why are Printer Cartridges so Expensive?

Tuesday, October 11th, 2011

Printer ink is one of the most expensive liquids in the world.

Quick math: A 13mL Canon Pixma cartridge can run you about $15. That translates in a cost of about $4000 for a gallon on ink.

Yes, $4000 a gallon! (more…)

Canon Ink Cartridge Recycling Program

Monday, October 10th, 2011

Canon USA has collaborated with FedEx Office, Sims Recycling Solutions and Close the Loop in a recycling program for ink jet cartridges.

Users can drop off empty inkjet cartridges at FedEx Office Print and Ship Centers. From there the cartridges are sent to Sims Recycling Solutions. From there the cartridges are sent to Close the Loop which is a company specializing in recycling inkjet cartridges.

This program is free to the ink cartridge users.

Weekly Specials on Ink Cartridges

Wednesday, September 21st, 2011

Quick updated pricing list for this week’s specials: (more…)

Canon Printers – Available Models on Sale

Tuesday, September 13th, 2011

The following models of Canon printers are available and have had a recent price reduction. (more…)

Epson Printers – Available Models on Sale

Sunday, September 11th, 2011

The following models of Epson printers are available and have had a recent price reduction. (more…)

Newest Ink Cartridges on Market – HP, Lexmark, Canon

Thursday, September 8th, 2011

Here are the newest ink cartridges available on sale today: (more…)

Brother Printers – Available Models on Sale

Thursday, September 8th, 2011

The following models of Brother printers are available and have had a recent price reduction. (more…)

Samsung Toner Cartridge Price List

Tuesday, September 6th, 2011

SAMSUNG toner cartridge
cartridge model universal printer model page FOB price(USD/PCS) remarks

1210 SAMSUNG ML1210/1010/1020M/1220M/1250/1430 Lexmark Optra E210 Xerox Phaser 3110/3210 2500 10.99
1610 SAMSUNG ML-1610/2010/2510/2570/2570N/2571 SAMSUNG SCX-4521F Xerox Phaser-3117/3122/3124/3125 Dell-1100 3000 10.83
1710 SMSUNG ML-1510/1520/1710/1740/1745/1750 SAMSUNG SCX4016/4100/4116/4216/4216F SF560/565P/750/755PMSYS 750/755P Gestener DSM516PFXerox 3130/3120/3115/3121/PE16 Lexmark X215Savin AC104 Ricoh AC104 3000 10.99
2010 SAMSUNG ML-1610/2010/4521/2510/2570/2571N 2000 11.30
4100 SMSUNG SCX4100 Xerox PE114E 3000 10.99
4500 SAMSUNG ML-4500/4600 2500 10.99
1043S SAMSUNG ML1666/1660 1500/2500 18.84
1053S SAMSUNG ML1911/2525/2526/4600/4601 2500 19.94
4200 Samsung SCX4200/4300/565R/Xerox3119 3000 10.99
SCX-4725 Samsung ML-4725F/4725FN 3000 14.13
SCX-4520/4720F Samsung SCX4520/4720F 5000 17.74
ML-1650/1440 Samsung ML-1440/1450/1451N/6040/6060N/6060S/6060/1650/1651/1652/1653S,Xeros Docuprint P1210,Xerox Phaser 3310,NEC SuperScript1400/1450n/1450IBM InfoPuint 12 东芝200 8000 28.26
SAM 1710/4200 universal SMSUNG ML-1510/1710/1750 SAMSUNG SCX4016/4100/4116/4216/4216F SF560/565P/750/755P MSYS 750/755P Gestener DSM516PF Xerox 3130/3120/3115/3121/PE16 Lexmark X215 Savin AC104 Ricoh AC104 3000 10.99

Canon Toner Cartridge Price List

Monday, September 5th, 2011

cartridge model universal printer model page FOB price(USD/PCS) remarks
FX-3 CANON FaxL200/240/250/280/300/360/380/388/L6000/250/350/220 CANON L3500/4000/4500/Multipass L6000 lmageClass 1100/2200 Canon LC2060/C75/FaxPhome L80 2700 8.32
FX-9/FX10/CANON 104 Canon L100/Image Ciass MF4150/L120 Canon ISENSYS MF4150/Canon Satera MF4120 2000 6.91
E16/E20/E30/E31/E40 CANON FC200/210/230/310/330/320/325/330L/400/420/425/428/430/530/550/700/710/720/730/735/740/760/770/775/785/790/795/860/880/890/PC920/921/940/941/950/980/981 4500 14.29
EP-22 CANON LBP-200/250/350/800/810/1110/1120,HP LaserJet 1100/1100SE/1100XI/1100A /1100A se/1100A xi/3200/3200SE/3200 2500 8.32
EP-25/FX8/CRG-W/T/S35 CANON LBP-1210, D323/383/L398/390,HP LaserJet 1000/1005/1200N/1200SE/1220 /1200SE/3320MFP/3320N MFP/3300MFP/3330MFP/3380MFP,IMAGEBLASS D320/D323/D340/D383 FAX-L170 2500 9.42
3500 10.20
EP-26/E27/X25/CRG-U CANON LBP-3200, D3112/5630/5650LASER SHOT MF3100series IMAGEBLASS
MF-3100/5530/5550/5730/5770/MF5630/MF5650 Canon lmage Class MF5500 Series lmage Class MF3110
2500 8.32
3500 9.73

Brother Toner Cartridge Price List

Friday, September 2nd, 2011

BROTHER toner cartridge
cartridge model universal printer model page FOB price(USD/PCS) remarks
DR200 Brother HL-720/730/760, MFC-3550/3650 /4350/4450/4550/4650/ 6550/6650/7550/7650/7750. 2200 29.04
TN200 2000 3.92
DR8000 BROTHER Mfc-4800\9070\9160\9180\9030; Fax-2850/8070 20000 29.04
TN8000 2000 3.92
DR250 BROTHER DCP-1000;fax-2800/2900/3800 ;MFC-4800/6800; PPF-2800/2900 /3800. 20000 29.04
TN250 2000 3.92
DR8050 Brother Fax -2880 20000 29.04
TN8050 2000 3.92
DR6000 Brother HL1030/1230/1240/1250/1270N/1430/1440/ 1450/1470N HL-P2500 FAX-4750/5750/8350P/8360P /8750P/8300J /8500J/8600/9650/9660 MFC-9600/ 9600J/9750/9760/9850/9860/9870 /9880/9800J 20000 21.98
TN6300/6600 3000 14.13
DR400 20000 21.98
TN430/460 3000 14.13
DR6050 Brother FAX-8370/4050 20000 21.98
TN6035/6065 3000 14.13
DR500 HL1650/1670N/1850/1870N/5040/5050/5070N 1600/1800/5000;MFC8420/8820 20000 21.98
TN530/560 3000 14.13
DR510 MFC-8220/8440/8440D/8840DN;DCP8040 /8045D;HL-5140/5150D/5150DLT/5170DN /5170DLT 20000 21.98
TN540/570 3000 14.13
DR3000 HL-5140⁄5150D⁄5170DN, MFC-8840D⁄8440⁄8220 20000 21.98
TN3030/3060 2500 13.34
DR3050 Brother DCP8040/8045D/8045DN ;HL5130/5140 /5150D/5150DLT/5170DN/5170DNLT; MFC8220/ C8440/8440D/8440DN 20000 21.98
TN3035/3065 3000 14.13
DR7000 Brother DCP-8020/8025;HL-1650/1670/1850/ 1870/5040/5050/5070;MFC-8420/8820D 20000 21.98
DR7050 20000 21.98
TN7350 3000 14.13
DR520 HL5240/HL5250DN/HL5250DNT 20000 25.12
TN550/580 3500 14.91
DR3150 HL5240/HL5250DN/HL5250DNT/HL5270/HL5280DW MFC8460N8460DN/MFC8860DN/8870DW;DCP8060/8065DN 20000 25.12
TN3130/3135 3500 14.91
TN3165/3175 3500 14.91
TN3145/3185 3500 14.91
DR350 Brother DCP7020;FAX2820/2920;MFC-7220/7225N/7420/7820N 20000 20.41
TN350 2000 12.56
DR2050 BROTHER FAX-2820/2920;HL2040/2070/2080;MFC7220/7420/7820N,DCP7010/7025;HL5420/5280;MFC-8460/8860/8870 2000 20.41
TN2050 2000 12.56
DR2025/2000 20000 20.41
TN2025/2000 2000 12.56
DR360 HL2140/HL2070N/HL2170W 20000 21.98
TN330/360 2500 13.34
TN2120  2500 13.34
TN2110  2500 13.34
DR2150 BROTHER HL-2140/2150N/2170/2145, MFC-7320/7440N/7450/7840/7340;DCP-7040/7030 20000 21.98
TN2115/2125 2500 13.34

Lexmark Toner Cartridge Price List

Wednesday, August 31st, 2011

LEXMARK toner cartridge
cartridge model universal printer model page FOB price(USD/PCS) remarks

T633 LEXMARKT630/T632/T634/X630/X632 21000 43.96
T640 LEXMARKT520/520D/520DN/522/522N/522DN/ 620/622/630/632/634/X630//640/642/644/IBM1130/ 1140/1332/1352/1372/1532/1552/1572/DELL M5200/ 5300/5210N/5310N/Toshiba e-studio 30P/40P/400P/ST9325/9335/ 6000 0.00
21000 43.96
T644 LEXMARK T644(64416XE 64036XE) 32000 53.38
E320 LEXMARK 320/322 6000 27.47
E210 LEXMARK E210 2500 13.81
E220 LEXMARK E2120/321/323 6000 27.47
E120 LEXMARK E120/E120N 2300 16.48
X215 LEXMARK X215 3000 13.81
E230 LEXMARK E230/232/234/238/240/330/340/332/342/DELL1710/1700/IBM142 2500 19.62
6000 28.26
E310 LEXMARK E31/-312 5000 25.90
E250 LEXMARK E250D/350D/352D/450/450D/450DN/DELL1720/1720N 3500 19.62
20000 28.26
E350 LEXMARK E-350/R350D/E352/E352D 9000 21.98
2000 28.26
E450  11000 24.33
LEXMARK E-450/450N/450DN 25000 28.26
E250D LEXMARK E-250D/E250DN/E450DN 3000 0.00
LEXMARK E260/360/460/DELL 2330   being developed

Dell 2230D Remanufactured Extended Yield Toner

Tuesday, August 30th, 2011

The Dell extended yield toner cartridge gives you 50% more toner for almost the same price as the normal toner.

For Use In: Dell 2230D

Yield: 5,000. This is an extended yield cartridge. The OEM version delivers a 3,500 page count yield. Our extended version delivers a 5,000 page count yield. (more…)

World’s First 3D Chocolate Printer

Monday, August 29th, 2011

3D Printers have been around for a few years and becoming more well known. Most 3D printers use plastic for modeling since it is easily formed and melts are lower temperatures. The scientists at the University of Exeter in England decided to create a printer that prints in chocolate since it has similar properties.

Xerox Toner Cartridge Price List

Monday, August 29th, 2011

XEROX toner cartridge
cartridge model universal printer model page FOB price(USD/PCS) remarks

XEROX 3140/3155/3160 2500 25.90
113R00296 Samsung ML-5000/5800,Lexmark E310,XeroxP8E 5000 25.90
013R00621 XEROX PE220 3000 14.91 SAM 4725
FXP02335 Fuji Xerox WorkCentre3119 3000 13.34
109R00746 Xerox Phaser 3150 5000 19.62
013R00606 Xerox WorkCentre PE120/PE120i 5000 18.84
106R01033 Xerox Phaser 3420 4000/8000 29.04
106R00688 Xerox Phaser 3450 4000/8000 29.04
106R01246 Xerox Phaser 3428D/3428DN 4000/8000 27.47
106R01256 Xerox Phaser 3435 4000/8000 27.47
106R01149 Xerox Phaser 3500 12000 27.47 SAM 3560

Canon Pixma MG5320 Wireless Inkjet Photo All-In-One Printer: Sale

Monday, August 29th, 2011

The Canon Pixma MG5320 is a great deal at less than $150. Speciality features such as the ability to print on CDs and DVD is a nice plus.

The Pixma MG5320 can scan, print and copy wirelessely on any home network. (more…)

DELL Toner Cartridge Price List

Saturday, August 27th, 2011

DELL toner cartridge
cartridge model universal printer model page FOB price(USD/PCS) remarks

DELL1815 Dell 1815DN 3000 0.00
5000 25.90
Dell 1600 Dell 1600N 3500 21.19
Dell 1100 Dell 1100/1110 2500 14.13
DELL3000/Xerox DocuPrint 525A Dell3000,Xeros DocuPrint 525A 4000/2000 22.76
Dell 3100cn Dell 3100cn 4000 0.00
DELL3115/3110 DELL3115/3110/XEROX 6180  0.00 recycle
Dell 5100cn Dell 5100cn 4500 0.00
DELL 1320 Dell color 1320 / XEROX 6125/6130/C1110 1000 0.00
2000 0.00
DELL 1130 Dell color 1130 2500 25.90

Epson Artisan 730 All In One Printer

Wednesday, August 24th, 2011

The Epson Artisan 730 is a multifuction ink jet printer that can print, scan and make copies.  Something that makes this printer stand out is the capability for it to print directly on CD’s and DVDs.

Equipped with a 2.5 inch LCD to preview and edit your printers directly from the printer.


New Lexmark and Canon Cartridges on the Market

Monday, August 22nd, 2011

Lexmark Cartridges

Lexmark X2600 Original (OEM) Black Return Program Inkjet Cartridge 2Pack (18C2228)(#14)

Canon Cartridges

Canon 4546B001AA Original (OEM) Black Ink Tank Cartridge CLI-226BK
Canon 4547B001 Original (OEM) Cyan Ink Tank Cartridge CLI-226C
Canon 4548B001 Original (OEM) Magenta Ink Tank Cartridge CLI-226M
Canon 4549B001 Original (OEM) Yellow Ink Tank Cartridge CLI-226Y

New Epson Ink Cartridges on the Market

Sunday, August 21st, 2011

Epson Cartridges

Epson T126120 OEM Black Ink Cartridge
Epson T126220 OEM Cyan Ink Cartridge
Epson T126320 OEM Magenta Ink Cartridge
Epson T126420 OEM Yellow Ink Cartridge

New Micr Toner Cartridges on Market

Friday, August 19th, 2011

Micr Toners

MICR Compatible Black Laser Cartridge for Samsung SCX-4720F (SCX-4720D3)
MICR Compatible Black Laser Toner Cartridge for Samsung SCX-4725 (SCX-D4725)
MICR Compatible Laser Cartridge for use in Samsung SCX-5530FN (SCXD5530)
MICR Compatible Black Laser Toner for Samsung ML-2525/NK-2525W (MLT-D105L)
MICR Compatible Laser Cartridge for Samsung ML-1640/ML-2240 (MLT-D108S)

MICR Compatible Black Laser Toner for Samsung SCX-5635 (MLT-D208L)
MICR Compatible Black Laser Toner for Toshiba e-Studio 30P/40P (12A6116)
MICR Compatible Black Laser Toner for Xerox Phaser 3200MFP/B (113R00730)
MICR Compatible Black Laser Toner for Xerox PE120/PE120i (013R00606)
MICR Compatible Black Toner Cartridge for XEROX Workcentre PE220 (013R00621)