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With printer ink cartridges costing as much as some printers, many are looking to find small ways to lower their printing costs. One that is often overlooked is simply choosing a different font when you print.

Actually, you can save 31% on your in cartridge cost by just picking the right font.

A recent study using a Canon Pixma MP 210 for home users and a Brother HL-2140 laser printer for business we used to test this theory. Both printers were left at the default of 600 x 600 dpi. The results showed that by only changing the font, the savings of $20 to $80 per year are possible.

The results showed that switching to Century Gothic over Arial produced a 31% savings for both printers. So for the average home printer printing 25 pages per week, this translates into $20 per year. For the average business user printing 250 pages per week, the savings jumped to $80 per year.

The 2nd and 3rd best fonts in the study were Ecofont and Times Roman.