Cheap Ink Printer Cartridges and Laser Toner

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Toner cartridges are taking a turn and becoming a little bit greener. Soy based toner cartridges are becoming popular as an alternative option for many printer users.

Soy based ink jet cartridges have been around for a while, but recently companies have been able to offer laser printer cartridges using toner powder derived from soybeans.

This is good news for the environment. Industry leaders report it takes about 2 liters of oil to make the one pound of toner powder required for each oil-based cartridge.

Using a soy based toner and soy based inkjet cartridges is a small change you can make in your home and office printing that can help make big changes in the printing industry as a whole.

These cartridges are available for most injet and laser toner cartridges available.