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Starting a Home Business: Buying and Selling Recycled Inkjet Cartridges

The Business of Recycled Ink Cartridges

It is more likely that manufacturers would deal instead with bulk recyclers. These bulk recyclers are the ones that purchase cartridges directly from consumers or through market-based channels and partners that have direct contact with end users. To illustrate the relationship, a printer vendor may put up a drop box at their store for used cartridges, or perhaps offer a rebate promotion for buyers of new printer ink cartridges who will turn in their old cartridges upon purchase.

There is another segment of the printer aftermarket that has a need for recycled printer cartridges. These are the ink refillers and the so-called ink cartridge re manufacturers. In previous years, the alternative printer consumables offered by these businesses were sub-standard and cannot compete with original printer cartridges. Their technology has since improved tremendously such that the demand for their low-cost, good-quality printer cartridges has increased multi-fold; thus driving up the buying price for used printer cartridges on a global scale.

From Consumer to Business Operator

As a consumer, you can earn a few dollars by returning empty cartridges to a vendor with a cash-back offer for cartridge recyclers. Eventually, however, your operations would entail that you put up enough capital to enable you to offer rewards to your end-user sources for recycled cartridges. In this sense, even if you are home-based, you need to evolve into a full-fledged cartridge recycling or collection office. This is especially true when you start dealing with companies. Write to these companies and establish goodwill early on, since this will help in maintaining your business even when prices for cartridges become volatile.

It will take some time before the desktop printer will be replaced by a better printing technology. Before that time comes, you should get on board and take the opportunity into printer cartridge recycling. You too can make your mark as a businessperson, help the environment and earn a decent income for yourself and your family.