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Ways to Stop a Printer from Printing

There are times when you will need to stop a printer from printing, midway through the designated process. Here are a few steps that will enable you to halt the process of printing.

1. Stop Job through Printer Settings

In Windows XP, go to Control Panel. Then click on ‘Printers and Faxes’. Once the window opens, click on your printer icon. Now, you will see your printer job. Cancel the job by right-clicking on it and selecting ‘Delete’ or ‘Cancel’.

2. Quick Launch Toolbar

In most OS if the printer process is on, your Quick Launch Toolbar will Coney the same. All you need to do is right click the icon and open the window. Once the dialog box is open, just right click on it and click ‘Delete’.

3. Turning off the Printer

At times, there is no job running through the hard disk. But the printing process is still going on. Here, the culprit is the printer’s memory. So, the best case option would be to turn off the printer.

4. Removal of Paper

Another simple step would be to remove the paper from the paper tray. If there is no paper there would be no printout. After you remove the paper, cancel print job.

It’s really very simple to stop an ongoing printing job. The only problem that you might encounter is that the sudden stopping of printing process might lead to a paper jam.