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Printer Ink is Too Expensive – How to Save Money On Ink Jet Cartridges.

Printer prices are relatively cheap today. You can pick up an ink jet printer for around $50 in your local store. It seems that the printer companies are just giving printers away with some of the low prices available. But that is their plan!

A printer company will sell a printer below their manufacturing cost because they know the real money is in the ink replacement.

An average 42 ml ink jet cartridge in the store costs about $30, coming out to be 71 center per ml. An interesting comparison to put this cost in perspective is what the Red Cross charges for blood.

Currently they charge about $200 for 500 ml of blood, coming out to 40 cents per ml. So bottom line.. ink is just too expensive.

There is a way to save some money on your ink jet cartridges. You can buy remanufactured cartridges, off brand cartridges or buy wholesale ink jet cartridges.