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How to Refill Brother Toner Cartridges

Here is a quick tutorial on how to refill Brother laser toner cartridges and drums.

Laser Toner Cartridge:

The refilling of toner should be done at a place where there is no breeze. As it is inflammable
it can catch fire easily and also do not inhale it as it is irritating.

There are three basic types of laser toner cartridges are:
1 . Canister: a tube for holding toner
2 . Drum: a cartridge with gears and a drum which has a gelatine coating
3 . Toner and developer: similar to drum cartridge but using toner and developer both.

Canister Cartridge:

1 . To avoid mess spread some absorbent material like a towel or newspaper.
2 . Locate and remove the plug at the end of cartridge. If you don’t find then create a hole which is away from the paper path.
3 . If you create a hole then carefully remove the shavings.
4 . Shake the bottle of toner and pour the entire bottle into the cartridge with a funnel or paper funnel.
5 . Put the plug back and seal it with a black electrical tape.
6 . Install in the printer. The refilling of these cartridges can be done a lot of times.

Drum Cartridges

These are more complex cartridges. The ‘pretty’ drum can have three colored coatings: red, blue or green. Before refilling you have to find the toner hopper and the waste hopper. Locate the drum and imagine that it runs down to the end of the cartridge. Lay it down to that the drum runs from left to right in front of you. The side near to you is the ‘near side’ and the one far from you is ‘far side’. One of these sides is larger than the other. The largest side is ‘toner hopper’ and smaller one is ‘waste hopper’. Now to refill follow the following steps. 1. Locate the drum but do not touch it. It may be under a shutter. 2. Find the toner hopper. You will see a translucent plug on one side. Remove it. If you do not find it then create a hole in the toner hopper away from the paper path. 3. Vacuum the drum of shavings but do not touch the drum. 4. Shake the bottle of toner and pour the entire bottle into the cartridge with a funnel. 5. Seal the hole with the pug or a black electrical tape. Toner & Developer Cartridges

This cartridge is very much like the drum cartridge but it has two plugs. The larger one is
for toner and smaller one for developer. You will need medium sized flat and cross headed

1. Find the waste box at the end of the cartridge and remove the screws. There is a sliding
door for the waste box.
2. Behind the waste box is a plastic plate held by a single screw. You are to arrange it in such
a way that the green colored part is towards the upper right and screw towards lower left.
Screw it open.
3. There is a clip above the green side. Push it with a flat screw driver to release the plate.
4. You will now see a large cap for the toner. Get off the cap or make a hole in it.
5. Fill the cartridge with toner and seal it.
6. Towards the left center is a small plug for the developer. Make a hole or unplug it.
7. Fill the hole with developer and seal.
8. Place the plastic plate and the waste box.
9. Shake the cartridge softly.