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Easy Ways to Save Money on Ink Cartridges

The cost of ink per ounce can be shocking. Here is a quick list of 5 ways you can save money on your ink jet cartridges.

1. Use less ink by adjusting printer settings.

My adjusting your printer to print with a lower printer quality or in draft mode you can reduce your ink usage by over half. Most things we print out on a daily basis do not need to be printed in high quality.

2. Change the font you print in.

Choose fonts that are slim and clear. You will be surprised how just switching to Ariel from Times Roman uses less ink.

3. Don’t print entire documents if you do not need to.

When printing out a document for review, generally we do not need to print all of it out. Sometimes we just need one page or a paragraph.

4. Shop online for ink cartridges.

Buying ink cartridges online can save you a lot of money if you buy several cartridges at once to save on shipping. Online ink retailers, such as, offer off-brand and remanufactured cartridges that are a fraction of the costs of the retail cartridges found in your local stores.

5. Look for bundle deals.

Many companies offer reduced pricing on bulk packs of ink cartridges.