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Common Issues with Brother Printer Ink Jet and Laser Printers

brotherPrinters by Brother are known for printing speeds, cheap cost etc. But somehow they have earned bad reputation in the market because of its short life span, unreliability, printing errors, paper jams and bad paper handling while printing. Here are some common issues with Brother Printers.

Some models produced by Brother are seen to have serious paper jam issues as paper gets jammed in the mid way, and when you try to remove the paper its often to end up breaking fuser. Cheap models have proved to be substandard and poor quality. Even the feeling of the printer is flimsy, and light. Some models are also accused last for only a few months and then stop working. It proves that the very design of these printers is faulty.

Ink and paper is often wasted due to printing error at the same time you have to bare with issues like irritating noise during operation, long warm up time and this also causes voltage drops by substantial amounts. Prints are not of quality comparable to lab quality. Also the toner is expensive and is consumed quickly.

It can’t align paper automatically so one has to very careful while inserting paper. After the print you might see ugly marks, spots and shadows on the paper, making it impossible for professional use. A Brother machine needs frequent repair and with a technical support that’s not very helpful situation can only get worst. The printer also doesn’t carry cable when purchased.