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3D Printers and 3D Printing: Seven Practical Applications

Copy of a key printed from a 3D printer

Copy of a key printed from a 3D printer
Copy of a key printed from a 3D printer

There was a time when the 3D concept seemed to be impossible but its reality. Today you don’t have to think but it’s actually too possible that you can bring him home and enjoy its exceptional features and high quality outputs. The 3D printing is becoming a part of office networks, households and even ordinary consumers.

Though 3D printing was out of reach before, technology makes it all possible. The 3D printer works using inkjet technology, and fine powder such as plaster, resin and cornstarch to create 3D models layer by layer in cross-sections. The 3D printing has eventually been practically used by many experts in various fields. Here are some examples of these practical applications of 3D printing:

1. Engineering: Engineers work on products or designs for which they need to create prototypes. Before engineers had to consume several weeks and man power because they had to do a lot of cutting and piecing along with paper, wood and other materials. With the help of 3D printing, engineers can create a 3D graphic image of the design and get it printed by using a 3D printer.

2. Architecture: Architecture also needs to create mock-ups of their design similar like Engineers. 3Dprinting is a great help to architects as it allows them to visualize the instead having a look at the plans and drawings. 3D printers help to get it done without wasting much time along with the excellent quality and accuracy.

3. Advertising and marketing: Advertisers and marketers need to create attractive and catchy ideas of the products and designs which they need sell. With the help of 3D printing it helps them to increase their sales more efficiently and excellence.

4. Education: Learning becomes easier when it’s visual, especially in subjects such as chemistry, engineering, history, physics, general science. As it give more practical knowledge the just theory. 3D printing helps teachers to get more accurate visual aids for their lessons and also students find it easy to understand and learn.

5. Medical: Surgeons can’t afford make any mistakes or take any risk as it can result into death of patient. With the help of 3d Printer surgeons renders the part of their patient’s body and practice on the procedure they need to perform and give the best with their work.

6. Archaeology and palaeontology: With the help of 3D printer Archaeology and palaeontology can create 3D replica. As they both deals with relics which are fragile and valuable to handle. Hence to keep it safe 3d replicas are created for studies helping multiple scientists to at the same time to study the single object.

7. Forensic pathology: Examining the evidence of a crime is a very difficult task. A 3d printer helps them to reduce their many complications and time too.