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Save Ink and Money By Stopping Automatic Printer Cleaning Cycles

piggybank2We are all aware of the facts about printer cleaning cycles and its benefits. Although, it’s been observed that printer cleaning cycles consume a lot of ink. In the old days you had to command you printer to run a cleaning cycle, but nowadays it’s an automated process in almost all printer models.

So when you want to save money on ink and at the same time want your printer to work at its best. Here are a few things you can do to save money on printer cleaning cycles.

1. When you buy a printer:

Check the model you are buying to see if you can control its printer cleaning cycles or buy printer models which does not run printer cleaning cycles automatically.

2. Select the right model:

There are printers in the market which use minimum ink for its cleaning cycles try and go for such printers.

3. Printer settings:

You can change the settings of your printers and schedule the cleaning cycles the way you want. But make sure you perform the cleaning cycle according to you printer usage because cleaning cycles are for your own benefit.

4. Manually run cleaning cycles:

You can stop automatic cycles and run manual cycles. Ideally once a day before you start using your printer this can save you good amount of money by investing just a little time.

However, there are only few models into production right now which might allow you to control its cleaning cycles.