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Innobella Ink by Brother – Top Quality Printer Ink

innobella_ink_brother“Innobella” the name speaks it all, it’s a combination of two words “Innovation” and “Bella” which means beautiful in Italian. A beautiful innovation which keeps you wondering with its latest technology and high quality printing. It leaves behind its all competition in sharpness, clarity and long lasting print.

Now you don’t have to worry about quality of the photos you print from your digital camera because Innobella gives you the best.

Generally many problems are faced by people in printing photos as ordinary printer ink get bleed leads to blurred print and often gets fade print but when its comes to Innobella you don’t have to worry about all such problems because Innobella has an advanced chemical formula which gives you clear, sharp and fade resistant photo print.

Praising Innobella doesn’t end here the most important feature of Innobella is it produces ink droplet of as small as 1.5 picoliter which give efficient and optimum utilization of ink. This technology gives more accurate, smooth and remarkable clarity.

Innobella Ink with product number:

  • LC51BK Innobella™ Black Ink Cartridge
  • LC51BK5PK Innobella™ Black Ink Cartridge (5 pack)
  • LC51C Innobella™ Cyan Ink Cartridge
  • LC51C5PK Innobella™ Cyan Ink Cartridge (5 Pack)
  • LC51M Innobella™ Magenta Ink Cartridge
  • LC51M5PK Innobella™ Magenta Ink Cartridge (5 Pack)
  • LC51SET Innobella™ Multi Pack Ink Cartridges 2BK,1C,1M,1Y
  • LC51Y Innobella™ Yellow Ink Cartridge
  • LC51Y5PK Innobella™ Yellow Ink Cartridge (5 Pack)

Innobella Photo Paper:

  • BP61GLL Innobella™ Premium Glossy Photo Paper (8 1/2×11)
  • BP61GLP Innobella™ Premium Glossy Photo Paper (4×6)

The latest innovative technology with the most beautiful and reliable results. Innobella is a perfect material for vivid photo clarity.