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How to Know if Compatible Ink Cartridges Will Work in Your Printer.

When you buy a printer the cost of your replacement ink cartridges can easily be as much as the printer.  So it is wise to check to see if the printer you want to purchase has compatible or recycled ink cartridges available for purchase.

The quick answer is that any printer over 6 months old will almost always have compatible inkjet cartridges available for purchase.  The newer the printer, the more likely you will not have that option yet.

It takes ink cartridge manufacturing companies time to develop new compatible cartridges for the printers hitting the market.  Printer companies are constantly changing the cartridges to try to stay ahead of the compatible ink jet market.  This is the reason you find an endless array of cartridges available at the stores.

So, if you currently have a printer, chances are you can find cheaper ink jet cartridges.  If you are looking to purchase a new printer, you still might find a printer that offers cheaper options for cartridges.  Just do your homework.

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