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Consumers Complain That HP Ink Cartridges Cost Too Much.

money2Over the past year, consumers have been trying to find anyway they can to save a little bit of money. An easy target are the high prices of ink jet cartridges. Ink cartridges from HP can cost as much as $50 to replace. Why do they have to cost so much?

The answer is that they don’t have to.

Like many printer companies, the bulk of their revenue comes form the sale of replacement ink and not the actual sale of printers. Printers are relatively inexpensive. In fact, it is not uncommon for a printer company to sell a printer for below the actual cost of making it. This is done because the printer company knows that consumers will have to buy the replacement ink for the printer.

So then, what option does the consumer have?

Easy, consumers can buy recycled, remanufactured, or off brand ink cartridges. Some consumers are misinformed and feel that they will void their printer warranty if they use anything other than a brand name cartridges. This is simply not true and it never has been. It is a rumor the printer industry started and continues to spread.

Consumers can easily cut their cost for ink jet cartridges to 80% by simply not buying name brand cartridges.