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Tips for Buying a Printer This Season

With all the extra features photo printers offer now, a photo printer can make a perfect gift for almost anyone on your list.  Here are few tips to consider when looking to purchase a photo printer.

  1. Ink Price. The real price you need to consider is how much the ink will cost to replace. So take a look at the price of the replacement cartridges for the printer before you buy the printer.  This is something you might want to research online too since you generally can get oem cartridges for most printers and that can save you big on ink costs.  But there are a few models that do not have cheaper ink alternatives available right now.  You can research ink prices now >>
  2. How Many Color Cartridges. Printers use a combination of a few colors to create all the colors for printing.  Check to see how many color cartridges the printer uses.  Generally the few colors, the less costs for replacing. But sometimes the quality for prints can suffer.  So compare printers and print quality online to help make your decision.
  3. Consider how the printer will connect to your current computer or home networks. Many offer connection directly to your network via wi-fi as standard, while others offer it only after you purchase an adaptor.
  4. Consider how large of a printer you actually need and want.  How large do you need your prints to be.  For a photo printer, many find that a printer that can print up to 8×10 is more than enough, while others only need to print 4×6 size prints.