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Inexpensive Gift Ideas Using Your Home Printer – Iron On T-Shirts and Bags

A personalized gifts can mean a lot to a person.  The great this is that these personalized gift do not need to be expensive at all if do them yourself.

Previously we posted the idea of personalized calendars that you can print at home to give as gives.  Another gift you can make at home is a personalized t-shirt or reusable shopping bag.

Very simple to create and relatively quick to make.

Iron-on transfer sheets can be purchased at any office supply store.  Grab a few extra than you think you will need, because once you start you might start seeing lots of other uses for them.

You can purchase any blank t-shirt or canvas shopping bag from almost any store, but you can always find them at craft stores.  It is recommended that you use a light color short or bag for best results. From there just follow the instructions on the package of the transfer paper you purchased.