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Kyocerta Mita Printers Receive 2010 Editor’s Choice Awards

Kyocera Mita America is one of the leading document imaging equipment companies in the world.  Kyocera received the 2010 Editor’s Choice Awards from Better Buys for Business for their entire color printer line.  This includes models FS-C5400DN, FS-C5350DN, FS-C5300DN, FS-C5200DN and FS-C5100DN.

These printers are part of Kyocera’s ECOSYS line of environmentally friendly printers. This line includes all Energy Start certified printers that have long-life consumables.

Part of the criteria Better Buys for Business uses in determining printers for the Editor’s Choice Award are factors such as the printing operating costs. The cost per page is a key factor for businesses when choosing a printer.

For the cost per page of black and white prints the Kyocera printers were well below other printers in the category. While their color prints were almost half of the industry average for cost per page. What a savings!

Kyocera Mita has gone above and beyond and not only produced an eco-friendly line of printers that offer high quality color.