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Quick and Easy Remote Printing

What is remote printing? Very basically, imagine you are at the local coffee shop with your laptop and you want to print something to your home printer at that moment.

With so many of us on the go today, remote printing has become a request even from home users wanting to have the convenience of printing remotely. Many software companies have stepped up to the challenge and have delivered several nice applications to allow any of us to quickly set up remote printing on our home network.

ThinPrint has announced it will be releasing an update to .print Desktop Engine. This software sets up a virtual desktop environement to allow remote printing.  ThinPrint is more than just setting up remote printing, it is a complete printing management solution.  Primarily focused to small businesses, this might also be a good solutions for home networks. There is a free demo option to try the software out.

Since the release of Windows XP, Microsoft has given users the option to setup a VPN Server to allow for remote printing.  This option basically shares your printer over the internet.  I does work, but can be a little cumbersome to setup.  Also, you will need a static IP address on your network to get this to work properly.

Another popular software option has been deverloped by  They may be  familiar to the average computer user.  GoToMyPC allows users to access a computer at one location while being in another location.  Their service is a monthly subscription plan.  If you only need remote printing, this may not be the best choice since their service is intended for so much more.  But even so, their service is reliable and has been around long enough to gain a good reputation.

While talking about remote printing it is worth mentioning some new pocket printers hitting the market.  Dell has released its Wasabi PX310 Pocket printer.  It really can fit in your pocket!

If you have tried a remote printing service let us know.  We are always looking for good suggestions for our readers.