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How to Print Your Photos Directly from Your Digital Camera or Phone Wirelessly.

Today many of us user our cameras and phones constantly to take pictures, but we neglect to print them because it is not convenient to do so.  But that is changing with so many of the new printers coming equipped with Wi-Fi.

If you have a Wi-Fi or Bluetooth enabled printer here are the basic steps to set up printing directly from your digital camera or cellular phone.

Make sure your phone or digital camera has wi-fi enabled. Make sure your printer is Wi-Fi enabled.

Once the Wi-Fi is set up on both your printer and your camera or phone. Use the features from your phone or camera to help you print to the printer.  Your device should have simple settings and a menu to quickly find the printer on the Wi-Fi network and to send the print to be printed.

If you have Bluetooth devices, some printers have have Bluetooth enabled or have an adaptor you can purchase for your printer.