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How to Get the Most Ink from Your Cartridges

When we put an ink cartridge in our hand we might look at it and think, “why in the world does this little thing cost so much!”

With ink cartridge prices so high, we might be trying to get every last drop from our cartridges to get all that we have paid for.

Here are a few tips to help conserve ink to make the cartridge last as long as possible:

Print in Black.

Yes, printing in black saves you money since it is only using one cartridge.  You will need to choose this option when you print.

Even if you are printing black text, most printers still use some of the colors combined to create black.

Print in Draft Mode.

If you do not need a high quality print, you can save a lot of ink.  Most of the things we print everyday are not that important.  We can easily print them in lesser quality.

If the item is important, we can always change the print setting and print in a high quality.