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HP 49 TriColor Remanufactured Printer Inkjet Cartridges (51649A)

HP 49 TriColor Remanufactured Printer Ink Cartridge (51649A) is ideal for business or home users who want to add a professional-quality color to their documents.

The HP 49 is a tri-color print cartridge that delivers vivid, long-lasting output on plain paper at an

affordable cost of around $11.50 and it is also compatible with various printer models such as:

Apollo P-2100u, Apollo P-2200, Apollo P-2300u, Apollo P-2500, Apollo P-2600, DesignJet 350CBI, DeskJet 350, DeskJet 350c, DeskJet 350c-cbi, DeskJet 600, DeskJet 600c, DeskJet 610c, DeskJet 610cl, DeskJet 612c, DeskJet 615c, DeskJet 630c, DeskJet 632c, DeskJet 640c, DeskJet 642c, DeskJet 648c, DeskJet 656c, DeskJet 656cvr, DeskJet 660c, DeskJet 660cse, DeskJet 670c, DeskJet 670tv, DeskJet 672c, DeskJet 680c, DeskJet 682c, DeskJet 690c, DeskJet 691c, DeskJet 692c, DeskJet 693c, DeskJet 694c, DeskJet 695, DeskJet 695c, DeskJet 695CC, DeskJet 695CCI, DeskWriter 600, DeskWriter 660c, DeskWriter 670c, DeskWriter 680c, DeskWriter 694c, Fax 925cxi, OfficeJet 500, OfficeJet 520, OfficeJet 570, OfficeJet 580, OfficeJet 590, OfficeJet 600, OfficeJet 610, OfficeJet 625, OfficeJet 630, OfficeJet 635, OfficeJet 700, OfficeJet 710, OfficeJet 720, OfficeJet 725, PSC 300, PSC 370, PSC 380.