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Common Epson Printer and Epson Ink Cartridge Problems and Troubleshooting

Epson Artisan 810 printer

Epson Artisan 810 printer
Epson Artisan 810 printer

Printer problems are common, but many have simple solutions. Here are some quick solutions to some errors and problems faced by Epson printers and Epson ink cartridges:

Improper Installation of Cartridges

The most common problem generally faced by Epson printers and cartridges. It usually occurs after you have changed the ink cartridge. A message occurs stating that the cartridge is not installed properly in the printer. The first thing you can do is install the cartridge correctly.

If the problem is not solved yet, then you should reinstall the cartridge properly. If same error occurs then you should replace the cartridge as it might be defective. Generally this problem gets solved but if it still exist then you may clean the print head or take it to a repair service.

Communication Error

Communication Error is also a common problem which usually occurs in Epson Printers when you give the print command. It Shows a message that the there is a communication error between printer and computer. To resolve such error select the right printer and check the cable connections. If the problem still persists you need to re-install the drivers of printer.

Incomplete or slow prints

Such problem affects the working of the printer but such problems are minor. You might get incomplete or improper prints, and also the process of printer slows down or even gets stuck and retrieves by itself. Such problems are usually not related to printers but when drivers get corrupted or due to virus or spyware. What all you need to do is scan you computer for virus or spyware or re install the drivers. This would solve your problem.

Printing Failure

This problem is more usual for Epson printers due to its sensitive prints which easily gets clogged or blocked. Well nothing to worry about this much. What all you need to do is? Use a fluid which is specially used for this purpose. This fluid flushes the print head to unclog or unblock it and you can get on with your work of printing.
This are some minor error faced by Epson but are easy to get rid off.