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3D Printers Currently on the Market by Dimension Startasys

Dimension is a 3D printer brand by Startasys. It’s know to be  a cost effective option as well as being know for being very user friendly. By using a Dimensions printer you can print a 3Dimensional models from desktops.

Here are a few 3D printer models of Dimension. Startasys is the developer of FDM technology in 3D printers which can express digital manufacturing plus accurate rapid prototyping.

Dimension’s Elite Printer
When you want to print complex 3D product replicas this is the best choice as it has Soluble Support Technology which helps you to do 3D print with great detailing. The technology of this 3D printer can save you a lot of time. It also allows you to use envelope of Elite Dimension printers for multiple packing. These range of printers do not emit noxious fumes and toxic materials, so it cuts the cost for special handling and venting.

1200es Series of Dimension’s 3D Printers
1200es 3D printers of Dimension is easy to use, at the same time they are built to print large and realistic 3D product models with a maximum size of 10″ x 10″ x 12″. This is useful to create large and useful 3D models in the office.

Dimension’s uPrint Personal three-dimensional Printer
Dimension’s uPrint personal range 3D printers allow you to build 3D models for practical and experimental use with all the flexibility and effectiveness you need. Hassle free setup and operating, compact to fit on your desk and affordable are some of the key features of these printers. This printer allows you to drill, sand, chrome and paint as it are made of ABSplus Thermoplastic. Because of its extensive feature these printers are becoming vital part of design industry.